Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lookin' for an AMAZING washing machine!

I love doing laundry, yes I really do!  Except I haven't liked it for a very long time, well as long as we've owned a Maytag front loader!!!  I cannot express the amount of disdain I have for Maytag washing machines!  Or their repair service.

All of our clothes smell sour, are dingy, stains don't come out, and it is like an earthquake rumbling through, or wait maybe it's a freight train.

So I knew if I posted a "HELP ME!!!!" on my blog, you wonderful ladies would give me advice.

I have been researching on consumer reports and the Kenmore and LG's are top rated.  Except LG makes Kenmore, so those count as one.  I have my eye on the new Electrolux, you know where Kelly Ripa is on the commercial, getting everything done, looking amazing doing it in her size -0 pants?

But my hubby has his eye on Samsung.  Which both Electrolux and Samsung get very high reviews on consumer reports too.

But do top loaders do better cleaning?  We don't know if we should get a top loader or another front loader.  And the top rated top loaders are by Maytag and Whirlpool, which now are one in the same and I REFUSE to own either!!

So let it all out and tell me what you really think, what machine you have and if it's a top or front loader.

Thanks my fellow housewives!

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