Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lollibags and Converse

This morning I took Portia out to buy her a new pair of Converse.

Portia also has been wanting her very own Bible, so we got one of those too.

Of course we got one with a daisy on the front because that was my mom's favorite flower. 
We also went to goodwill today and you'll never believe what I found!  I found a vintage brand new enamelware strainer!!  It still has the vintage tag on the bottom!


It was only 3.99.  I also found a TON I mean a TON of white fabric for 4.00.  It's in the wash already so no'll see it in Lollibag form soon enough.

I finished up the new Jumbo Flower Lollibags..

And the vintage tag Lollibag

It was so much fun finding that strainer and taking Portia to get her red Converse.  I love having that special one on one time with each of my kids.


  1. These are FANTASTIC! The one I ordered just arrived today. I love it, but is one enough? Your work is beautiful. :)

  2. Thank you for visiting me the other day..your blog is lovely! I am so off to see your bags..they look amazing. I adore your daughter's Bible! xo

  3. I see my bag up there, the one with all the vintage labels, I absolutely love it!! And I loved meeting you Prudence, good luck on your Idaho event!

  4. Hi there...I saw holli's bag. From all that glitters and I must have one! I also have an opportunity that u may be interested in. Please email me at


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