Thursday, June 23, 2011

I really am still
Alive!! We finally arrived in Minnesota and are trying to get settled. The moving truck was supposed to arrive tomorrow (Friday), but now it's not coming until Monday or Tuesday!
But I can't complain, we have a roof over our head, made it here safely, and I've seen my family and best friend already. I'm typing on my phone now, so will be happy when the computer arrives, and my sewing machine!
I am going to be selling at The Creative Connection Event again this year, so I must get sewing!
Will write when were settled. Sure do miss blogging.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


My favorite, favorite, favorite flower!

These are the two I have at the farm.  I am going to fill my new yard in Minnesota with Peony bushes!

I love how the bud is so tight and it slowly opens.

What is your favorite?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A happy picture!

We finally have a "sold" under our sign!  Yippee!!
We leave in 5 days.
Thank you Lord!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Food Friday~Key Lime

Does that look good or what???  I just got an e-mail from Betty Crocker  the other day and it had a bunch of pictures of key lime desserts.... oh joy!!  They all looked fabulous!!  Search the words key lime on their site for the recipes.

This is the perfect summer dessert for a family get together or a picnic or heck I'll just make it for myself!

We are super busy with the move, packing and cleaning and  touch up painting everyday!  Making arrangements, getting paperwork, saying goodbye.  The list is endless.  I can't wait to share photos of the new house with you.

Remember my favorite paint color?  Cotton Balls by Benjamin Moore?  I painted the WHOLE upstairs that color!! I love it.  Or rather I should say, we hired a painter to go out and paint.  I was a little disappointed yesterday, I saw the marmoleum I picked for our laundry room on the floor at Cafe Yumm in Eugene.  I still like it but for some reason I don't like having the same thing as a franchise.  Oh well.  At least I got to put a new floor in right??  Yes.

Ok, well back to work, much to do!  I hope all of you have a great weekend!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

The Move part 5

If you have not read The Move parts 1-4, find them under the label "The Move".   I left you with "THE CONVERSATION".  Hubby and I were on a walk, which is when we have most of our important conversations, hubby says  "I know I'm going to regret saying this, but......." and that is what started it all!
 Hubby had taken a boys trip to Minnesota with our sons last summer and talked with my dad about our property, nothing unusual, but one thing led to another and the wheels started turning.  So hubby told me his "plan" that day on our walk...... If we could get this much for the farm and find a house for this much, then I could find a new career, maybe go back to school, whatever, etc.. etc....  It snowballed from there and before you  know it, we were here. 

We started looking for homes in Minnesota online, and we found one that seemed to have everything we wanted and we decided to try and buy it.  But God was not having that and it just didn't seem like the wisest move.  So we let it go.  And boy am I glad we did, because just 4 months later it had gone through foreclosure and we ended up getting it for over $100,000 cheaper than it had been in the fall.
Thank you Lord.  But buying it was not an easy process, (aka: trying to get a loan when your home is for sale, government red tape on a foreclosure...).  At times we thought, are we losing it?  are we out of our minds???  After all, there has not been even one showing on our farm, but deep down we knew God was going to sell our farm and we knew this was God telling us to move, so we took a leap and bought it.
WHEW, that's over.  Now we wait for the farm to sell.  We waited and waited and waited. And I'll tell you what, I was a basket case, just ask my best friend, she listened to me fret and despair almost daily.  But she always had an encouraging word and prayed for me.

So one day I told God, or rather, I asked God, if it was his will, I would really like to be in Minnesota as soon as the kids are done with school.  I wanted them to have the whole summer to have fun and get to know their cousins again before the new school year. But I just didn't see how God was going to accomplish this!  I mean that was in April and I knew it would take a long time to close on the farm and would if the buyers had a home to sell?  How was this all going to happen???!!!

But sure enough one day we got an e-mail from our realtor saying, I have a couple flying up from California to see your property, on April 30.  We were so excited we could hardly stand it!  That was two weeks away, how would I get through those two weeks?  Would if they didn't want it, then what??

Maybe it's time to start listing the miracles God has done through this whole process.

MIRACLE: hubby and I being on the same page about going back to Minnesota, how about me even wanting to go back..?  Yes that is a true miracle.

MIRACLE:  after we decided to put the farm up for sale, hubby gets a call from a previous customer in Minnesota offering him a job!  They drive their motorhome out for service even though they could have gotten it done in Minnesota and we have dinner and discuss the position.  Customer says, I believe God sent us out here to talk to you.

MIRACLE: God provides an incredible deal on a forclosure.

MIRACLE: my oldest son is able to transfer with UPS to Minnesota, a position opened up  in the EXACT TIME FRAME we needed.  (unheard of)  Oh, we flew him out Friday June 3, and he just started today!

MIRACLE: the buyers are cash buyers, no need to wait for them to sell a home or get a loan.

MIRACLE:  buyers are willing to close early and let us stay on the farm rent free till the kids are out of school.

MIRACLE:  God answered my time frame prayer, it is TO THE DAY, the exact time frame I wanted!

MIRACLE:  we have a home to move into, no apartment needed till we find a home.

They are endless, I tell you ENDLESS!    Glory to God for all of this, for all he has done!  And it's not because of anything I am or have done, nope... I am just a sinner saved by his grace.   I am not super spiritual, I haven't stepped foot in a church in almost 2 years.  God is just good.

Thank you for all of you who wrote to me and told me you were helped more than you know!

We are driving back and we leave June 16, the day after the kids get out of school.  So I may be absent for a while, so we can pack up and ship out! 

Thank you Jesus.

Friday, June 3, 2011

New Lollibag's

I am aware it is Food Friday, however my life is not aware of it!  I have hardly cooked dinner at all this week, so I will spare you, unless you want to see me throw some unhealthy frozen chicken nuggets on a cookie sheet...

But I can share with you my two newest bags!  The first one is from vintage fabric, I have one other bag in this fabric, and it's mine all mine.  I am now out of this fabulous hot pink synthetic.

The flowers are made from blue yarn.  I do wonder what people from the 60's did with this fabric when it first came out, maybe a maxi skirt?

My next bag is from that fabric I told you about earlier this week.  I started to second guess myself, hoping the bag fabric wasn't "old ladyish".  But I really do love this bag.  I'm going to make more.  I put two handles on it and I think that is what I love so much.  The top of the strap is in a fun, bright, whimsical floral and the underside is in the old ladyish fabric....

I am so happy it is going to be SUNNY for the next week!!  Tomorrow is supposed to be 80!!!  Hopefully we can swim in the pool.  Our last swim, for sure.  We leave Oregon in 1 week and 6 days.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Move~part 4

Where were we?  Here is part 1 and part 2 and part 3.............
I left you with this post and said more on that later.  So in September of 2010, I was asking myself, Lord, is that you?  Oh how I wish God would audibly answer those questions, but he does not.  So I was forced to just trust and "go with it".  I should say we, because hubby was in this too. 

When we moved to Oregon from Minnesota I could not have been happier, I had always wanted to go on a big adventure like that and move out of state.  Well it was truly an adventure, I had severe culture shock arriving in Eugene.  But we really grew to love this place, so much so that I began declaring over the years that I would NEVER leave Oregon, not for ANY reason whatsoever, not even if something terrible happened to my husband and I was left out here all alone......NEVER EVER would I leave such a beautiful place!  I am a little over an hour from the coast and the dunes, two things which are my world favorite's!  The mountains here, which they call hills, are just a wonder to see everyday.
Not to mention, we left behind us: freezing winters, misquitos, gnats, tornadoes, humidity, boring flatlands, Minnesota accents.  Well I don't realize I still have that last one, but everyone still says to me, you must be from the midwest....
So imagine my suprise and shock and horror when in late 2008 or maybe 2009, I began hearing things.  I began to have this super tiny, quiet, still small voice in my mind saying.  minnesota   I would just brush it off and not think twice, cuz honey this girl ain't EVER going back there!  Oregon is it.  And a month or so would go by and I would think.............what would it be like to go back to minnesota  I just could not figure out what was wrong with me, thinking these things.  Because I would literally feel devastated even thinking about having to go back there.  That is how much we both love this place. 
Hubby and I would say to each other,  do you think we will ever go back to Minnesota?  And we were both so adamant that, NO, NOT EVER, NEVER will that happen!!!!  We PROMISED each other we would always stay in Oregon.

***disclaimer**** to my family... Of course I missed you all terribly, my heart would ache that I could not go shopping or to lunch with my sister and that my kids could not go to grandpa's house for a visit, and not to forget my best friend, I missed her so very much. 

So I never said a word to hubby about these whispers because I knew they were just passing thoughts and nothing more.    I wonder if God will ever send us back to minnesota someday?  Nope, I knew that answer right away.  Even in September of 2010 after I got back from The Creative Connection Event in Minneapolis, I said to hubby, ugh, yuck, I do not want to go back.  This was after hubby and I had "THE CONVERSATION" that opened the floodgates and we both knew the second the words were said, that we had crossed a line.........more on that in part 5.  I was in such    minnesota   denial.
All during 2009 and 2010  the events of my other posts, begin to happen and I am not linking anything together in my mind at that point, because I am not giving those tiny thoughts any time of day, because it's not what I want. 
But a real turning point for me, was the Lord, is that you? post.  It altered the way I think, to say the least and slowly everything started to make sense.....only STARTED to.  I do not understand God or his ways.

There has to be a part 5 because, hubby and I, well we thought this was all going to go rather smoothly and easily.  I mean don't things go smoothly when your in God's will?  Or you THINK your in God's will .....right??  Were the whispers of    hawaii   the ones I was supposed to be listening too?
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