Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Lord? Is that you?

Do you ever do that?
Question everything?
Do you ask God....are you speaking to me? 
Cuz if you are....

I'm gonna need you to be more PRECISE.
As in.... just come right out and audibly tell me what to do!!

Not to long ago, I had been praying about something and I said to God...


if you want me to do this today, then make my husband call in the next 5 min.

Now, usually I don't do these kinds of things.  I know not to test God.
I know he is not our wish grantor.
But it was not a wish, it was sincerely, a want, to do his will in that very moment.
Hubby never called.

Have you ever said....


no, no I would never do that,
I could NEVER imagine it.

That is not my DESIRE, it just could NEVER be.

Now that is something else I have learned not to say, the word NEVER.
Cuz when I do, I always end up doing it.
But for this one thing, I have said never, many times.  It's not a bad thing I'm not doing.
It's just not on my radar.  It could be God's will for me to do that or God's will for me not to.
It is very neutral.

I had a moment of clarity in the shower.  I tend to do deep thinking in the shower.

For, lately, I have been  DESIRING,
to do


~gasp~   NEVER!

Could it be, gals...

That Psalm 20:4:
May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.

Could it be that this does not mean God gives us OUR hearts desire, but that God makes our hearts DESIRE to be HIS WILL. it again, the above, ya!

 Maybe your ship has sailed from this moment of clarity
 and I'm in this deep blue ocean all by myself.

But that's ok, don't throw me a line....

I do think I shall stay here a while,
 treading this deep water,

 with Jesus.

I'm going to say... Ok Lord, is this you?
Is this you, making my heart desire something it has never desired before?
For the pure,
 that it is your will?

This thing I said I would never do, because I do not want to, because
 I am happy
Because that would take change.
I would really have to get out of my comfort zone.

Now don't get me wrong, this comfort zone I am in is not bad. 
It just happens to be where I am, where God himself put me.

But I see, as has happened before,
God loves to toss our world
upside down.

As I am writing....
my comfort zone is not a bad thing....

HA HA!  I think I may audibly hear God laughing!


  1. Yes, yes, yes! I've very recently had the same epiphany. And mine probably came in the shower, too! ;)

  2. A THOUSAND TIMES YES! And every time I never anticipate what He will do and it is always what I never expected or never knew I needed. On the edge of my seat to find out what He's up to in the life of Prudy...

  3. i couldn't agree with you more. i wish we could just call God on the phone, like we do with friends, you know...not having to be still and quiet, and in the word. but i know all those things are for us, to find rest in him, and to grow our relationship in his perfect way.

  4. i recently asked god to "burst my bubble," i think he was laughing when i asked, and thinking "watch out!"

    i know he always has his good in mind for me, and that his mercy doesn't always look like mercy until hindsight.

    may his will be done in your life, and may he be glorified.

  5. Oh honey, are we related? Wait, we are. We have the same dad. :-)

    I am with Jess on this. A THOUSAND TIMES YES!


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