Friday, June 29, 2012

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hi, do you remember me?

:)  Life has taken over, I have not sewn in a few weeks, or blogged, or been to my facebook page, or checked my etsy shop.....  I did accomplish a lot though!  Portia went to basketball camp, I took a trip to Oregon, I got through my son's graduation party, my daughter got her first job, and my 2 son's are settled in their new home.

I feel like it all happened without my approval, you know?  Life just moved on whether I was ready or not.  I was being carried away by a wild rushing river.... ok, you get the picture. These are all good things, ummm oh and 2 of my kids are now in relationships.

Wait, what happened? 2 of my kids leave the nest and 2 are "falling in love", now it seems there will soon be only 2 at home!  Since my daughter tells me she is moving out when she is 18, that's in a year and a half.   And I still don't feel 40 yet.

I've decided to embrace this new life (I have no choice).....  I already see a difference in my grocery bill, waaaaaay less laundry, less butting heads with all those grown men,  vacations will be cheaper, I am going to make wonderful memories with my daughters. 

You know how I was really missing Oregon?  I am so grateful I was able to go out for just a few days and see my friends, Cindy, the farm and just see the beauty.    I cried so much on my trip.... it was so bittersweet to see my friends, I miss them so much!  I miss them and Oregon, yet I'm so grateful, am I sounding like a broken record???  I am so jumbled up inside!  And all these life changes are hitting me at once, so you understand my instability right??? I knew you would understand.

Here are some photo's.

The first night I flew in, I went to Heidi's house, it was so much fun to hug her, we were crying like a couple of nut cases.  Heidi is in back, Denise is on the right.  So Denise didn't know I was coming out, so Heidi invited her to dinner, and I showed up too, it was the best moment!  She hugged and hugged and hugged me :)  Denise tells me my Minnesota accent is back in full force.

Here is Cindy and I. Doesn't she look great?  She just had surgery to remove 20% of her liver.  I've said before, she is like  a mom to me.  I love her so much, it was terribly hard to leave her, I sobbed in my car in her driveway when I left.  I think she is beautiful.

Isn't this the sweetest picture?  This is Cindy's husband, Skip.  He adores her and was so tenderly taking care of her.  Love.

My second child, graduated...sigh.  Could life please slow down to a scenic train excursion instead of the bullet train?
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