about me

Hi, I am Prudence.  I am so very blessed to be a mom that gets to stay home with my children.  My two oldest sons are now out on their own but I still have three girls at home.  I homeschool the girls and though it's a learning experience for all us of, I love it!

I love to bake and sew and research. I am a bit obsessed with research, actually.  I never used to research until a few years ago I found out I had very high cholesterol.  I couldn't understand because I did everything I was told was healthy, I ate lots of whole grains, NO fat whatsoever, no eggs, I got all my flu shots,  took my Prozac to be happy, etc.... I also had migraines, then my daughter was diagnosed with Tourette's, then I had my 5th child who came down with a deadly peanut allergy.

That is when my researching began. And it has never stopped, I have learned so much about real health, good fats, Gmo's, vaccines, natural cures, etc.... In my excitement to share with others what I had learned, I also found out people really don't want to hear it.  So this is actually not a health blog, not because I don't want to share it, but because I feel like I have so much more researching left to do! But feel free to chat with me about these things.

My other loves of baking and sewing are what you will find here, and maybe some home decor.   I make handbags called Lollibags, originally created by my oldest daughter "Lolli".  I love all things vintage and cannot resist a good cookbook.  Thank you so much for stopping by A Vintage Mom.

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