Thursday, January 9, 2014

Forever Home?

Are you in your forever home?  Do any of us really know?  We thought we were.... but then our boys moved out and now our 3rd child is about to turn 18 and she is chomping at the bit to leave home, so we have found ourselves with soon to be only two little girlies at home with us.  We really do not need all the space in our current home.  I do love our house but there is so much I want to do to it, $$$$$$ and too much space. 

But someday when we do find ourselves in our forever home, I am going to utilize this AMAZING website!! The Handmade Home.  Just look at this before and after!

They make it seem do-able.  I will need my hubby though, lets hope he will be cooperative.
Maybe 2014 will be the year I get some projects done!  What are your creative plans for the year?

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  1. What a lovely makeover! I look forward to being in our own home someday soon! Blessings for a wonderful year! xo Heather


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