Friday, March 15, 2013

Green and Spring, cannot wait

I'm having a bit of a hard time looking out my window at the SNOW mixed with rain and the SNOW storms on the way next week.  This is the part of Minnesota I hate and dread, those are strong words, but I have strong feelings.  I need tropical, I need spring, I need green.

This blog post kinda made my morning :)  I love the greens.  It's inspiring. I love the jade dishes....

 You know what else made me smile?  The styling of the new spring Boden catalog.  It is so retro cute!

Here is one of my new Lollitotes.  It is made from vintage Waverly fabric.  I love how retro it is and the colors are so pretty and springy.

What are you most looking forward to planting this spring?  I still have not figured out when I can start planting here in Minnesota, I usually think I can start way to soon, then we get another freeze.  I'm just hoping my clematis vine comes back and grows big and beautiful!

What are the temps where you are?  Still in the 30's here.

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