Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I'm back with new idea's and a sale!

I've missed writing.  I feel a bit out of the loop.  I think December through February are my "hiatus from sewing" months :).  I always need that break to gather my thoughts and come up with new idea's.  We usually go on vacation to see my  husbands family during February anyway. 

We arrived home from vacation on Sunday and it was a brutal slap, this cold weather.  This morning it was -4 as I was driving to coffee with my sister.  I was coming from 81 degrees, tropical loveliness.  Oh well.  I saw the cutest tote while on vacation and it's so simple.  I thought why have I not done that?  I'm going to make a line of Lollitotes at an affordable price.  Who doesn't need affordable???

I noticed when I went grocery shopping on Monday, the food prices have taken a serious hike!  I really cannot believe the price jump.  In light of that I am having a sale at my ETSY SHOP use code SALE35 for 35% off.

On Tuesday I turned 41.  Sophie says to me crying... I don't want you to be 41!!!  Well Sophie, I don't really either but what can you do?  However, I am grateful for another year and for my health and my family and what else is there?  Sophie is scared I am going to turn into a grandma.  I dont' know if she thinks I will automatically age 35 years and get short gray hair and be all wrinkly?  But I am trying to assure her that I am not a grandma yet and don't plan on becoming one anytime soon.

My girls love to bring out their alternate personalities... Lauren's other self is called Juanita and Portia is Juanita 2.  Hmmmm I wonder where they get it from?

Ya, I am going to leave that picture small :)  But I love that I have a ton of goofy pictures with my girls, we have so much fun together!

Next up is spring!  I'm so excited!!
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