Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Couture Headbands

I've stumbled across something called couture headbands on etsy.  I know I am a bit slow, but I had no idea these existed!  And now I'm obsessed.  My youngest girl is 5, so I may still have time to get some of these glorious headbands for her.  Or I can give them as gifts.  I've ordered a few already....

Then I thought well why can't my girls make these?  That may be fun.  But then I would have to get all the supplies.....we'll see..

Here are a few of my favorites on etsy.

This pink headband is from Kailene's Kouture. 

This one is from Sweetest Things Bowtique and she has MANY lovely designs.

I love the bright colors on this headband.  It is from Bella 406. 

I should really explore etsy more than I do, but where does one find the time??  However I do try to purchase Christmas gifts from etsy every year.  I love to support mom's who make things!

What are some of your favorite etsy shops?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I just read Wheat Belly

I was on a Target shopping trip when I wandered through the book section, I normally don't buy books on my grocery shopping trips but this caught my eye and I flipped through it real quick and I knew I had to get it.

It is quite shocking really.  Wheat is the one thing I have never experimented with.  Because everyone, Dr.s, etc... say whole grains, wheat are good for you.  After all I only buy organic.  But this book says otherwise and it is written by a cardiologist.

I have been wheat free for a couple weeks and it really has not been that hard!  If I want a tuna sandwich I put the tuna in a cabbage leaf.  I will admit I am having a hard time with giving up croutons for my salads, so I still put them on but I find I can eat the salad and only have a couple and when I'm done, I have a bowl of croutons left.  Must be an emotional tie to croutons!

The real shocker is reading labels as you are grocery shopping, seeing everything that has wheat!  Even tomato soup has wheat! 

Anyway my husband is doing this with me also, and I've sort of put my girls on it, you know I don't make them because they have to have lunches for school and sometimes they just need to bring fishy crackers.  One of my girls has Tourettes and I have noticed the less wheat she has the less tic's she has.  Now that is amazing!  Cutting out sugar didn't even do that for her!

Let me know what you think!  Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A couple things I bought at Junk Bonanza

A few weeks ago I went to Junk Bonanza, a lot of fun....VERY CROWDED. I think I'll not show up right away next time.  Or wait, scratch that, because my first run through I found a couple things I noted in my mind.  When I went back for them they were gone...
Next time I am just going to buy, buy, buy!

I ended up getting a peice of  *PINK* base board, two pink shutters, an orange lower case 'r' and an old light.

I put the pink baseboard in my daughters room up by the ceiling.  I was just going to have it be a cute accent peice.  But then I was hanging her curtain rod and I noticed her curtains were very long and I had a brilliant idea!

I asked my husband to hang them right on the pink baseboard and I really love how it turned out.

The light from the window does not make for a very good picture, but here it is anyway.  The curtains are from IKEA.

I put the pink shutters in my youngest daughters room along side her corner windows.  I realized after my husband had them up that I had them upside down!  He didn't want to switch them for me so there they stay, oh well.

Again the light is not really great, but hey, I am happy it is sunny out today!!  The shutters are all chippy and old.

And here is my latest Lollibag.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!

Monday, October 1, 2012

New Gypsy Tote's Lollibag's....

Here are a few more!  I've been having so much fun sewing..... And I used magnetic snaps for the first time, they are just OK.  They are expensive, and a bit time consuming to install.

This is vintage upholstery, I absolutely love this fabric, it's so RETRO.

A brown velvet heart on the front with a huge hot pink flower.  I love bright colors.

This is also vintage upholstery in mocha brown with a mustard velvet heart, coral flower and peices of vintage quilt.

This is vintage olive green and blue checked fabric, the ruffles are vintage drapery sheers and a heart in vintage upholstery.  I think the coral flower gives it a nice POP of color :)

I thought my Lollibag's were getting a bit expected and boring, so I hope this spices them up a bit!

Happy 1st day of October!!

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