Monday, October 1, 2012

New Gypsy Tote's Lollibag's....

Here are a few more!  I've been having so much fun sewing..... And I used magnetic snaps for the first time, they are just OK.  They are expensive, and a bit time consuming to install.

This is vintage upholstery, I absolutely love this fabric, it's so RETRO.

A brown velvet heart on the front with a huge hot pink flower.  I love bright colors.

This is also vintage upholstery in mocha brown with a mustard velvet heart, coral flower and peices of vintage quilt.

This is vintage olive green and blue checked fabric, the ruffles are vintage drapery sheers and a heart in vintage upholstery.  I think the coral flower gives it a nice POP of color :)

I thought my Lollibag's were getting a bit expected and boring, so I hope this spices them up a bit!

Happy 1st day of October!!

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  1. Love them, especially the last one!! So perfectly sweet! xo Heather


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