Monday, May 31, 2010


I do love a good sun hat.
I am attempting my very first hat.
And if it goes well....
There will be Lollihats.
I am making my first hat with this Amy Butler fabric :)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shopping in Portland

So every once in a while I drive up to Portland for a day of shopping.
Almost always it's just window shopping.
This time I took all my girls.

Lauren was in charge of my camera. 
It's a two hour drive.

And it's a boring one! 
But they have shops up there, they just don't have down here.
Williams Sonoma
J Crew

And lets not forget The Cheesecake Factory!
I ALWAYS get the Luau Salad.
Notice Sophie's white dress all clean?
Well at Bare Escentuals, she got into the open eye shadow that was dark purple and it was down the whole front of the dress.
I thought, oh that's OK, I just got her a sundress at Gap kids, we'll put that on.
Well my little chunko is a big girl, which people like to tell me every time we venture out of the house.
So the size 4/5 was snug, so seeing she had it on only less than ten minutes, I went back to exchange it for the next size up.
Well they didn't want to do that!  I said , yes , this would be just like her trying it on in the dressing room,
she's had it on less than ten minutes.
Cashier said, well we don't accept worn clothes back.
I said no it's not worn, and were exchanging it for a bigger size.
They did it , reluctantly.
You would think at their prices they would be falling over themselves to make the customer happy.

I would eat the luau salad everyday if I could.
It is so yummy, filled with red and yellow peppers, cucumbers that
taste like my mom's homemade pickles.
Tender chicken, yummy fried crisp wontony things, carrots, macadamia nuts!

Yep there we are.

So after that fabulous lunch, we went to the HUGE Forever 21, where Lauren wanted to look.
Lauren got a shirt and Portia picked out a fishy necklace. 
We were waiting in the checkout line, you know where they have
all the little itty bitty things you can get yourself to buy last second.

I looked down at Sophie and she was putting "lip gloss" on her lips, which really was nail polish!
So I gasped loudly and quick wiped it off of her lips.

So we leave that mall, and drive to Bridgeport, where Anthropologie is.
I could have spent hours in there but Sophie was getting crabby.

Is this the cutest sofa?  It was in the dressing room area. 
Notice Sophie's new dress.  And she has taken out her pig tails.

So here are a few things I tried on.  I tried on alot.
Nothing worked, not for the price anyway.  If I am buying something at Anthro, it is going to
be a perfect fit and I am going to L-O-V-E it.

So this is what I decided on, this sleeveless tank and navy cardigan.

Lolli workin' her magic.

Portia tried to carry out all the clothes that didn't work and they kept dropping them.
I'm glad the sales ladies didn't see that.

There are so many "areas" to explore in that store, and I so much wanted to explore each one.
But you cannot let a 2 1/2 yr old out of your sight for a second with all those breakables.

Portia wanted the boat bed for her room, perfect really since she's a mermaid.

Beautiful Aprons,  I wanted to see each one, but dear sweet Sophie was not having it.

I have always wanted those measuring cups, but have never bought them.
They seem so frivolous, but I am drawn to them every time.

Cute , love these chairs!

I was looking forward to the drive home, just because Sophie would be sleeping and not whining.
I kid  you  not, that girl slept 10 minutes!
Then something woke her and she was up the rest of the way home!

But it was a fun day, honestly it is draining shopping with kids!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Promoting YOU! & new Lollibags

I just love it when I find another gal who loves the same things I do.
And who tries to make a living creating.
When I run into a consultant for some product,
I always try and support that person.
I know how hard it is to sell something.
I think we women should stick together and promote each other.
Don't you?

I have been thinking about this for a while, I'm not sure I'll have one day set aside each week for promoting.
But I will promote women entrepenuers...did I spell that right?
I will choose from my followers first , always, unless ......I RUN OUT!!

I've picked  2 gals for today, I think you'll like them :)

Meet Isabella.  This adorable little girl is just 10.  Her mom is a follower of mine.
Her name is Cheryl and she is the sweetest lady.  You can check out her blog at  called A Joyful Mother.

Isabella makes earrings.  Here are some pictured, aren't they cute?  And they are only $10!
I respect this young lady for getting an idea, getting the supplies, making something, and selling it.
She is going to go far in life.

I think more adults could follow her lead. 

~I'm coming back to edit... I just re-read Cheryl's e-mail and she gave me permission to post her daughters blog.  It is
go check it out gals!~

My next gal, I have only traded one or two comments with , but when I saw her aprons, I fell in love with them.  And I noticed she uses vintage sheets just like I do!!  I recognize some of her vintage material as the same as some Lollibag interiors :)

Her name is Caroline.  And her blog is

Look at that apron!  Isn't it cute?

Don't you want one?  She has an etsy site for her aprons.  So go check her out!

Send me your suggestions of women entrepenuers....
honestly I'm so excited about this, I hope I don't  list all the people I want to in one weeks time!!  ha ha!!

OOPS, I almost forgot pictures of my new Lollibags, duh!

This bag has Amy Butler fabric ruffles running diagonal.  I thought I'd try a new angle.
And a soft linen flower up top.  I do love this bag!

This bag has linen ruffles and a cotton flower up top.

This little Lolli is trimmed in vintage crisp cotton.  This is the top of a vintage sheet, I had no idea this sheet was vintage till I saw the tag the other day.  It is in such good condition, so white and cottony crisp.
And the details in this embroidery are amazing!
I'll be listing my bags on my etsy shop today.

If my photos look gloomy, it's because IT IS GLOOMY!!  Another rainy, gray, oregon day, I can't stand it!
Please Lord send sun!

So there you go gals, have a super day!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Coastal Living & Where Women Create

A wonderful surprise in my mailbox today.

My Where Women Create magazine and
my Coastal Living magazine!

Perfect for this rainy, cloudy, Oregon day.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shorten a long Skirt Tutorial or Screw up a Skirt....

I'll admit, I don't plan ahead well.
I usually just get an idea and do it.
So I really should have taken a before picture of this skirt, but I did not.
I found this skirt at goodwill a few years ago.

Now I don't know about you, but when I see a
J. Crew tag at goodwill, I snatch it up.
Whether  it fits or not.
This skirt did fit, but it was literally touching the floor, and the waist band was up right below my belly button.
I don't like waist bands that high.
So I wanted to shorten the skirt and make it sit on my hips.

So this was the waist band.  I decided to use some Amy Butler fabric to make a new one.

Remember, I don't know what I'm doing.

So I cut a strip 32 in. long, why that long?  I measures the old waistband, but of course it was not enough fabric because I was going lower on my waist!
But I ironed down 1/4in. on the edges and turned the skirt inside out and put the right side of the waistband to the wrong side of the skirt, sewed and then folded it over so it looked like above.
Then top stitched at the edge.  That is the right side of the skirt your seeing above.

Confused?  me too.

Here is the, oops I didn't make the waistband strip long enough strip.  I used more Amy Butler fabric.
I love Amy Butler fabric!

So I tried the skirt on with the new waistband and it was way to big!  oh no!
I decided I had to make the whole skirt smaller.  So I cut up one side.

Here is my trying to look professional pin job.

And now I am sewing the new side seam.

Yikes!  I'm up at the waistband.  What do I do now?  I just left an opening to get into the skirt. 
I probably should have made that larger as it is a little tight getting into it. 
Then I just cut off the excess waistband and fabric there.

Then I folded the waistband ends over and sewed.
But now I was wondering well , I really wanted a drawstring through the waistband. 
What should I do?  Well I should have put button holes into the waistband before I sewed it to the skirt.

But that would have required me to think ahead.

And even if I did think ahead, the waistband was to large so I would
have ended up cutting them off anyway.
So, note to you, if you want a drawstring, put button holes in prior to sewing waistband onto skirt.

I just used my seam ripper and sliced little openings.
To which I then had to figure out how I was going to finish them off. 
I used embroidery thread and whipped stitched around the openings several times.
It is not perfect, but I like it.  I don't like things that look to perfect.

So I cut a strip of linen and sewed the edge and I took a large safety pin,
and brought it through.

And here it is!  I just love it, I wore it the other day.
It fits so much better now.

It is still long, but now it hits midway between my knee and ankle.
This skirt was hanging in my closet for years!  Now I can finally wear it.
I have so many projects like this I need to finish......
Have you done something like this?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Blog Party Lollibag

Okay so I made this flower Lollibag with the blog party in mind.
Some of you have seen it a couple days ago, but here it is again.
And I've never told you how I make the flowers so I'll do that too!

To make the flower, first I draw scallops on my fabric.
Then I cut the strips of fabric that have the scallops on them.
Then I cut each scallop (petals) but still keep it a strip.

Then I sew a gathering stitch on each strip.
I usually have 9 or more strips of fabric.

I pull up the gathers a little on each strip.
Then I take the front canvas panel for the outer bag and I arrange the petal strips.
I pin one on and then sew it and so on and so on.

Then I sew on a vintage button in the center of the flower.
And I finish up the Lollibag, which is to make the interior lining,
then finish putting together the outer bag.
Then I put the lining in and pin the strap in place and sew it all together!

And that is how I make a flower Lollibag!
Reading that seems confusing, but I have it down to a science :)
Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blog Party!

I'm going to a blog party tomorrow!!  Wanna come too?

I get to show a Lollibag I have made.
Hope to see you there!
If you want to sign up, I think there is still time.

Vintage Betty Crocker Cake Mix!!

So I'm at Costco this morning.
I'm going down this really crowded isle, where there are...
ok be nice prudy...
not so bright people continually blocking the path, going slow,
oh sorry this is NOT a lesson post.
As I am trying to manuever my way down the isle my eye
catches on this vintage box!

I saw an opening behind slow family so I took it and cruised past Betty Crocker.
But something wouldn't let me leave the isle.
I had to go back!
It was calling to me.

So Sophie and I turned around and grabbed the box.
It said .... from the pages of the 1950's Betty Crocker cookbook.

I don't normally buy cake mixes, I make them from scratch.
1. this was a vintage look box!
2. the ingredients were not chemical!

It says ... made with old-fashioned ingredients.
So I looked.
Yep, no partially hydrogenated oils!
No high fructose corn syrup!
and best of all for Sophie, no allergy warnings.

So I guess old fashioned means, no man made chemicals that are hazardous to your health.

Well thank you Betty Crocker!!
I've got the cake in the oven right now!

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