Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Random Sunshine and Happiness :)

You can probably guess, it is raining here in Oregon.
On these cold, windy, rainy days I often look at my sunny photo's.
I can't help it, I need the sun!

And it puts a smile on my face to see the innocence of a 2 yr old,
playing on the beach, just enjoying.

Are you tired of my beach photo's?

I never get tired of looking at the ocean.  That beautiful aqua blue!
When I sit at this beach, in my heart I just praise God!
And thank Him for making places like this.

I think of places I have never been,
and I know there is so much more awe inspiring beauty I have yet to see.

I ask Jesus all the time, will I ever get to see these places while I live on earth?
I wonder...
why has God placed a love for this beauty in my heart?

Do my children appreciate it like I do? 
Or even appreciate that at their age they have seen such beauty in person?
I remember my mom telling me when I was young...

I didn't take my first plane ride till I was 35, so you girls are lucky you get to travel so young.

Anyone watch Lost?  Here is where they film some scenes.
I know that was random, but I love seeing places where things are filmed.
Wierd , I know.

I hope the sun is shining where you are!

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