Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shopping in Portland

So every once in a while I drive up to Portland for a day of shopping.
Almost always it's just window shopping.
This time I took all my girls.

Lauren was in charge of my camera. 
It's a two hour drive.

And it's a boring one! 
But they have shops up there, they just don't have down here.
Williams Sonoma
J Crew

And lets not forget The Cheesecake Factory!
I ALWAYS get the Luau Salad.
Notice Sophie's white dress all clean?
Well at Bare Escentuals, she got into the open eye shadow that was dark purple and it was down the whole front of the dress.
I thought, oh that's OK, I just got her a sundress at Gap kids, we'll put that on.
Well my little chunko is a big girl, which people like to tell me every time we venture out of the house.
So the size 4/5 was snug, so seeing she had it on only less than ten minutes, I went back to exchange it for the next size up.
Well they didn't want to do that!  I said , yes , this would be just like her trying it on in the dressing room,
she's had it on less than ten minutes.
Cashier said, well we don't accept worn clothes back.
I said no it's not worn, and were exchanging it for a bigger size.
They did it , reluctantly.
You would think at their prices they would be falling over themselves to make the customer happy.

I would eat the luau salad everyday if I could.
It is so yummy, filled with red and yellow peppers, cucumbers that
taste like my mom's homemade pickles.
Tender chicken, yummy fried crisp wontony things, carrots, macadamia nuts!

Yep there we are.

So after that fabulous lunch, we went to the HUGE Forever 21, where Lauren wanted to look.
Lauren got a shirt and Portia picked out a fishy necklace. 
We were waiting in the checkout line, you know where they have
all the little itty bitty things you can get yourself to buy last second.

I looked down at Sophie and she was putting "lip gloss" on her lips, which really was nail polish!
So I gasped loudly and quick wiped it off of her lips.

So we leave that mall, and drive to Bridgeport, where Anthropologie is.
I could have spent hours in there but Sophie was getting crabby.

Is this the cutest sofa?  It was in the dressing room area. 
Notice Sophie's new dress.  And she has taken out her pig tails.

So here are a few things I tried on.  I tried on alot.
Nothing worked, not for the price anyway.  If I am buying something at Anthro, it is going to
be a perfect fit and I am going to L-O-V-E it.

So this is what I decided on, this sleeveless tank and navy cardigan.

Lolli workin' her magic.

Portia tried to carry out all the clothes that didn't work and they kept dropping them.
I'm glad the sales ladies didn't see that.

There are so many "areas" to explore in that store, and I so much wanted to explore each one.
But you cannot let a 2 1/2 yr old out of your sight for a second with all those breakables.

Portia wanted the boat bed for her room, perfect really since she's a mermaid.

Beautiful Aprons,  I wanted to see each one, but dear sweet Sophie was not having it.

I have always wanted those measuring cups, but have never bought them.
They seem so frivolous, but I am drawn to them every time.

Cute , love these chairs!

I was looking forward to the drive home, just because Sophie would be sleeping and not whining.
I kid  you  not, that girl slept 10 minutes!
Then something woke her and she was up the rest of the way home!

But it was a fun day, honestly it is draining shopping with kids!


  1. loved this post- felt like I was out on the town with you guys. We don't anthos down here ): thanks for all the cool pics....

  2. I was like 2 inches from the screen on all your anthro pics. And OH MY WORD you looked SO CUTE! Love the outfit! SO much to comment on but this is one my favorite posts of yours. SO FUN!

  3. Hey Prudence ~

    I tried my google reader to day and sent hyou a message thinking it was posting to your blog. But I ain't on here! So tell me if you got my comment ....LOVED sharing your day with you!!!

    Much love ~


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