Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Everything but the kitchen sink, in my head

This little girly keeps me on my toes! 
In a span of 2 minutes, she ran in the house when we got home, slammed the door in my face,  jumped on a box and fell, grabbed my decaf coffee and drank it, and answered the phone that I wasn't going to answer!
oh and started talking to whoever was on the line!


I've had this blasted migraine that started last thursday, I had some stress last week and tues. night I tossed and turned till 1:30am thinking about the "meeting" I had on wed. morning.
Then I got ready for the event in Portland on Thursday.  Well all last week I was dizzy and irritable, two things that tell me a migraine is on the way.
Except I was extra dizzy, I even almost blacked out sitting at the computer, thank goodness I was sitting.

Thursday at the event, there wasn't much good food choices and I had a sugary ice tea with high fructose corn syrup, which I am beginning to think causes headaches for me. 

Ok lets shorten this, the migraine started thursday, I've taken 4 relpax, oodles of advil, sometimes these things work sometimes not.
Last night I took 3 advil and lo and behold it worked, I felt really good!  This morning I woke up with pain again.

So I'm running a few errands and I start thinking.
When I am in this much pain, it really gets me down
& then I get depressed.  I just want this pain to go away.
and then the kids will talk to much and I don't have a place in my head for all those words,
because my head is so filled with pain.

I wonder about all the people out there who live with chronic everyday pain.  I know my pain doesn't compare to what some people live with.

So anyway getting depressed just makes me not want to do anything.
No sewing
no cooking
no happy mom.

Then if I walk by a mirror, I see how tired I am and how migraines make my face look sad.
And my sweet children are talking talking talking
They think I have it all together.

In my head I'm thinking , oh sweetie , don't you understand?  I still feel like I'm 22!
I don't know what I'm doing with all you precious kids!
Or living on this farm, heck I can't even grow a flower!

Today I wandered into Borders to see if they had the new issue of 
Where Women Create.
They didn't.
I saw a quilt magazine with a cute quilt made out of circles.
I looked up the instructions and it was like I was reading



what does that say?  I don't know.

I know I can sew a Lollibag but instructions with a lot of words....
can't do
So I bought the latest In Touch magazine, where Kim Kardashian betrays her sisters.

So your probably wondering why is she out if she has a migraine?

Good question.  My new curtains from Ikea let in more light than the last ones, so I awoke at 5am today.

That must not happen one more time.

  So I went to Target to find a shade or something for the window.
I ended up getting room darkening curtains to put behind the Ikea curtains.

And then I thougt as long as I'm out I should get those curtain hooks from Pottery Barn.
I arrived at 9:48 and they didn't open till 10 so that is why I then wandered over to Borders.....

They don't carry my curtain rods anymore.  So I'm not sure what I'll get.

And now it is time to put Sophie down for a nap.  Sweet little Sophie.  And while she is napping, is called:


It is the most coveted time of my day and today I feel like I must lay down too because of my head.
But then I will have wasted the golden hour and a half.  I would love to be reading a good book.
or I would really enjoy finishing the Lollibag I've been working on.

Those are fun things, but really I have dishes in the sink and laundry and ironing to do.
OH or how about the shirt I'm working on with some cute Amy Butler fabric, I followed the patterns body measurements to obtain my size.
Which did sound big but I thought no, they must know their sizes!  Well I got the shirt almost done and I am swimming in it.  Even if it was maternity I would still be swimming in it!
So I have to rip it apart and cut in down and start over, ugh!

So anyway if anyone wants to saw off their head and switch with me, let me know.


  1. Sooo Sorry, I do understand that pain. Hope it gets better soon!

  2. I am so sorry your not feeling well,Oh my the overwhelming pain...i can totally relate. I commend you for getting out of the house and getting some things done. The dishes and laundry will still be there when you feel better. Don't be too hard on yourself! Some times it is better to waste the golden hour and half than to waste the whole day feeling depressed. Feel Better soon, Deborah


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