Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shorten a long Skirt Tutorial or Screw up a Skirt....

I'll admit, I don't plan ahead well.
I usually just get an idea and do it.
So I really should have taken a before picture of this skirt, but I did not.
I found this skirt at goodwill a few years ago.

Now I don't know about you, but when I see a
J. Crew tag at goodwill, I snatch it up.
Whether  it fits or not.
This skirt did fit, but it was literally touching the floor, and the waist band was up right below my belly button.
I don't like waist bands that high.
So I wanted to shorten the skirt and make it sit on my hips.

So this was the waist band.  I decided to use some Amy Butler fabric to make a new one.

Remember, I don't know what I'm doing.

So I cut a strip 32 in. long, why that long?  I measures the old waistband, but of course it was not enough fabric because I was going lower on my waist!
But I ironed down 1/4in. on the edges and turned the skirt inside out and put the right side of the waistband to the wrong side of the skirt, sewed and then folded it over so it looked like above.
Then top stitched at the edge.  That is the right side of the skirt your seeing above.

Confused?  me too.

Here is the, oops I didn't make the waistband strip long enough strip.  I used more Amy Butler fabric.
I love Amy Butler fabric!

So I tried the skirt on with the new waistband and it was way to big!  oh no!
I decided I had to make the whole skirt smaller.  So I cut up one side.

Here is my trying to look professional pin job.

And now I am sewing the new side seam.

Yikes!  I'm up at the waistband.  What do I do now?  I just left an opening to get into the skirt. 
I probably should have made that larger as it is a little tight getting into it. 
Then I just cut off the excess waistband and fabric there.

Then I folded the waistband ends over and sewed.
But now I was wondering well , I really wanted a drawstring through the waistband. 
What should I do?  Well I should have put button holes into the waistband before I sewed it to the skirt.

But that would have required me to think ahead.

And even if I did think ahead, the waistband was to large so I would
have ended up cutting them off anyway.
So, note to you, if you want a drawstring, put button holes in prior to sewing waistband onto skirt.

I just used my seam ripper and sliced little openings.
To which I then had to figure out how I was going to finish them off. 
I used embroidery thread and whipped stitched around the openings several times.
It is not perfect, but I like it.  I don't like things that look to perfect.

So I cut a strip of linen and sewed the edge and I took a large safety pin,
and brought it through.

And here it is!  I just love it, I wore it the other day.
It fits so much better now.

It is still long, but now it hits midway between my knee and ankle.
This skirt was hanging in my closet for years!  Now I can finally wear it.
I have so many projects like this I need to finish......
Have you done something like this?


  1. I am laughing...I usually don't plan, get an idea and roll with it. My husband just loves it when I do that. Not.

    The skirt looks great, I love the material you used for the waistband.

    I have a couple skirts I need to modify. But I really want to make some A-line skirts in cute spring and summer materials.

    Hope you're having a great weekend!


  2. I loved your story following your creation. Truthfully, I can't remember when I last wore a skirt....I am a Neil Diamond "Forever in Blue Jeans" kinda gal....even though I have some great skirts! I have to say, I appreciate your humility! I just acquired a vintage or should I say antique black Singer sewing machine and cabinet.....can I come to you for any advice....been so long since I sewed and I don't always know what I am doing either!!! ha! deb *I liked the waistband material too.


    I've been off from Blogging for AWHILE and thought I'd catch up with some friends! Thought I'd stop by!

    WOW! LOVE what you've done with your blog! And can't wait to sink my teeth into your sewing class up there. = )

    Come visit when you can, Isabella has some new stuff...If you ever have a promo and want to give away some of her earrings, just let me know, I can do the same on my blog for your purses...that I LOVE!

    Much love ~


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