Friday, May 21, 2010

Blog Party Lollibag

Okay so I made this flower Lollibag with the blog party in mind.
Some of you have seen it a couple days ago, but here it is again.
And I've never told you how I make the flowers so I'll do that too!

To make the flower, first I draw scallops on my fabric.
Then I cut the strips of fabric that have the scallops on them.
Then I cut each scallop (petals) but still keep it a strip.

Then I sew a gathering stitch on each strip.
I usually have 9 or more strips of fabric.

I pull up the gathers a little on each strip.
Then I take the front canvas panel for the outer bag and I arrange the petal strips.
I pin one on and then sew it and so on and so on.

Then I sew on a vintage button in the center of the flower.
And I finish up the Lollibag, which is to make the interior lining,
then finish putting together the outer bag.
Then I put the lining in and pin the strap in place and sew it all together!

And that is how I make a flower Lollibag!
Reading that seems confusing, but I have it down to a science :)
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. What an adorable bag! I might try to make one but am SCARED! lol I don't sew. Hop over to my blog and see what I'm up to. :)

  2. I love your lollibag. That's so pretty!

  3. That is amazing!

  4. How fun! That is one adorable bag! Kind of like the huge-est spring flower of them all.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    (another blog party-er)

  5. There it is is a amazing bag.............i'am in weekend hugs from me.........

  6. what a sweet, pretty, summer bag. it's perfect for going out for a summer eve's dinner after spending the day on the beach.

  7. Prudence, this is just the cutest bag. It's so sweet of you to share your flower making tip! Thank you for your visit and kind comments today ~ you made my day. ~ Angela

  8. Clever you! Such a sweet flower lolly bag x

  9. I love the bag, that is so pretty! Thanks for playing today!

  10. I really like the bag, can one not smile at this size of flower!!! debbie

  11. Too, too sweet...thanks for sharing! enJOY, Kimberly

  12. I really admire all of you who the bag it is really stylish right now!

  13. I love this! Mine would have to be done in black or a darker color! so cute


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