Monday, May 17, 2010

cow whisperer

I love baby cows, they are so cute.
The girls name all the cows.
We have had so many I have lost track.

Hubby took me out in the ranger to get the cows into a field with more grass.

I think he is the cow whisperer.
It is funny how they follow him around.
The little red calf above, is the newest girl.
No name yet.

The little guy with the white triangle on his forhead, is RedBull.
He loves to play, he will up to the new babies and dance around trying to get them to play
so cute.

Hubby, the cow whisperer.

Our Christmas trees are all budding.  It is so pretty.
The new growth is a lighter green then the rest of the tree.
And it is so soft.

So after  we sent the cows to this field.  We went on a walk and we walked right by the tall grassy field.
Hubby called the cows.
I should say cow whisperer called out to the cows.
They all came running just like puppies. 
Only some of those puppies are HUGE.
It was really kinda cute.

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  1. The term cow whisperer just cracks me up. Your farm is so pretty.


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