Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm Promoting YOU! & new Lollibags

I just love it when I find another gal who loves the same things I do.
And who tries to make a living creating.
When I run into a consultant for some product,
I always try and support that person.
I know how hard it is to sell something.
I think we women should stick together and promote each other.
Don't you?

I have been thinking about this for a while, I'm not sure I'll have one day set aside each week for promoting.
But I will promote women entrepenuers...did I spell that right?
I will choose from my followers first , always, unless ......I RUN OUT!!

I've picked  2 gals for today, I think you'll like them :)

Meet Isabella.  This adorable little girl is just 10.  Her mom is a follower of mine.
Her name is Cheryl and she is the sweetest lady.  You can check out her blog at  called A Joyful Mother.

Isabella makes earrings.  Here are some pictured, aren't they cute?  And they are only $10!
I respect this young lady for getting an idea, getting the supplies, making something, and selling it.
She is going to go far in life.

I think more adults could follow her lead. 

~I'm coming back to edit... I just re-read Cheryl's e-mail and she gave me permission to post her daughters blog.  It is
go check it out gals!~

My next gal, I have only traded one or two comments with , but when I saw her aprons, I fell in love with them.  And I noticed she uses vintage sheets just like I do!!  I recognize some of her vintage material as the same as some Lollibag interiors :)

Her name is Caroline.  And her blog is

Look at that apron!  Isn't it cute?

Don't you want one?  She has an etsy site for her aprons.  So go check her out!

Send me your suggestions of women entrepenuers....
honestly I'm so excited about this, I hope I don't  list all the people I want to in one weeks time!!  ha ha!!

OOPS, I almost forgot pictures of my new Lollibags, duh!

This bag has Amy Butler fabric ruffles running diagonal.  I thought I'd try a new angle.
And a soft linen flower up top.  I do love this bag!

This bag has linen ruffles and a cotton flower up top.

This little Lolli is trimmed in vintage crisp cotton.  This is the top of a vintage sheet, I had no idea this sheet was vintage till I saw the tag the other day.  It is in such good condition, so white and cottony crisp.
And the details in this embroidery are amazing!
I'll be listing my bags on my etsy shop today.

If my photos look gloomy, it's because IT IS GLOOMY!!  Another rainy, gray, oregon day, I can't stand it!
Please Lord send sun!

So there you go gals, have a super day!


  1. I love them and thanks for sharing...

  2. I am in love... with that white cotton bag.. you are talented girl! Blessings on your day!

  3. Very cool products and very talented girls! Can't wait to look more, this is a great idea :)


  4. PRUDENCE!!!

    How fun!! I told Isabella and she is going to promote you on her site this weekend. I LOVE this!

    Thank you, my friend!

  5. Prudy my friend, how do you continue to improve on your lovely bags. I don't think it is possible until you make another one. So digging the A.B. fabric bag. LOOOOOOVVVVVE! And great links! Cheryl's daughter's earrings are precious and those aprons are ADORABLE. Just awesome. Oh, and thanks for the link you sent in your last email. I have not had time to check it our but I will! Love ya friend!


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