Monday, May 10, 2010

Curtians from Ikea

Who loves Ikea?

Me too!!!!

The closest one is in Portland.
So as long as I was up there for the event last week....
I set up my lollibags, and had 3 hours till I had to work.

My 16 yr old son Nic went with me.  We decided to go to Ikea.
I wasn't planning on buying anything, of course.
But as we went through the little "make believe" apartments, these curtains caught my eye.
I did a double take, then went up to them and felt them, awwww, love.

Yes, I fell in love.

I had to have them.
They are a thick, linen like cotton, with a liner sewn behind too!

Now before I post the picture, keep in mind, they are in my bedroom now, and the wall color is brown.
So it doesn't look the best.

I am planning on painting the walls
Bavarian Cream by Benjamin Moore.

It will blend nicely with the background of the curtains.

Not near as beautiful as in person!
I love the big green leaves with pinkish red berries.
  So my walls will be light and I am making a new headboard.
I am going to put these boards horizontally on the wall as a headboard.

I think with everything a creamy white, with just pops of color from the curtains and the headboard it will look nice. right? 
If not , please share your opinion now :)

I have 4 of these boards.
What order shall I put them up in?
Red, blue, green, red?
Red, blue, red, green?
Green, blue , red , red?

Well I still have to finish painting Laurens room, before I can even buy the paint.
But I will put pictures up when I finish it.

I will take decorating advice, so fell free to share!


  1. I love ikea! Thats where I got my new white couches! It was my first time there and already want to go back! Can't wait to see what you make for the blog party!

  2. Fun Curtains! Ikea rocks for so many reasons but especially my wallet. And green, red, red, blue. From top to bottom. No, I don't know why. I think I picked what matches best to least to the curtains but it probably depends on the color of your bedding primarily.

  3. Just getting caught up on blogs today--sore throat so I can't talk and can't go anywhere! Probably better that way.

    Anyhow...I LOVE this look. You have such a great sense of style. I can hardly wait to see what it looks like when it is finished. My room is completely non-decorated (always the last one!), but this is making me feel motivated!


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