Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I am so thrilled that the sun is finally going to be out this week!

I am going to get outside today and imagine I am back on the beach in Hawaii.

I'm going to check on the seeds I just planted in my raised garden bed.

And the poppy seeds I planted in the old metal frame of a wagon wheel.

The girls will play in their sandbox and on the swing set.

I just may go get a yummy frozen drink at Starbucks, decaf of course.

Maybe I will go on the hunt for a vintage birdhouse for my pasture fence!

I love days like this.  It stays sunny and hot out till late.
The girls and I play outside, daddy takes them on a ride around the lower pasture.
We'll come in and take our baths.
Then do our Bible reading.  We just finished the book of Ruth.

Then sometimes we brush each others hair and put rollers in or braids in.

But before any of this, say a prayer for me, I am on day 6 of this awful migraine!
The advil I just took didn't make a dent, so off for another relpax :(

I hope it is sunny where you are, go out and soak it in!


  1. Well not to sound ungrateful, but I just went on a bike ride with the girls (pulling them in the bike trailer) and it is blazing hot!!! Why I went at 12:30 pm is beyond me. Us Floridians are fast approaching our "winter" where we don't go outside after 11 am. So I am envious of your PERFECT weather. Love the pics. Fave is the brushing hair one. So cute.

  2. What a lovely westher by you !!

    It's raining here the whole looks like Autumm has begin and that Spring forget us !!

    No sunsine................i hope you feeling well soon !!

    Blessings and hugs from Ria


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