Monday, May 3, 2010

Lauren's latest design

Here is Lauren's latest design , a new skirt.   There are two layers. 
The bottom one is made from a vintage sheer yellow drapery.

The top layer is jut some cotton fabric we found at goodwill.
She added a gathered waistband.
With vintage buttons down the front.

She wore it to school today.

Don't you love that waistband? 
This was another design with no pattern.
She just whipped it up.

Lolli is seeming to be losing interest in her sewing lately. 
That makes me sad, because I don't think she knows how talented she is.
I don't want to push her though for fear I will push her away from it all together.

I think she should start designing for Kayce Hughes, don't you?


  1. This skirt is amazing! It reminds me of those skirts made out of men's shirts I have seen out there. But this one is so pretty because it is kind of preppy and then the ruffle and buttons on the side make it so feminine and delicate. And I love the fabric peeking out the bottom. I am just in awe.

  2. Hi, I'm stopping by because I was reading two shades of pink, went to comment, read your comment, and laughed out loud! I have pcos, and am always interested in any information and ideas that others have... I'd like to follow along... have a great day!


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