Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A couple things I bought at Junk Bonanza

A few weeks ago I went to Junk Bonanza, a lot of fun....VERY CROWDED. I think I'll not show up right away next time.  Or wait, scratch that, because my first run through I found a couple things I noted in my mind.  When I went back for them they were gone...
Next time I am just going to buy, buy, buy!

I ended up getting a peice of  *PINK* base board, two pink shutters, an orange lower case 'r' and an old light.

I put the pink baseboard in my daughters room up by the ceiling.  I was just going to have it be a cute accent peice.  But then I was hanging her curtain rod and I noticed her curtains were very long and I had a brilliant idea!

I asked my husband to hang them right on the pink baseboard and I really love how it turned out.

The light from the window does not make for a very good picture, but here it is anyway.  The curtains are from IKEA.

I put the pink shutters in my youngest daughters room along side her corner windows.  I realized after my husband had them up that I had them upside down!  He didn't want to switch them for me so there they stay, oh well.

Again the light is not really great, but hey, I am happy it is sunny out today!!  The shutters are all chippy and old.

And here is my latest Lollibag.

Have a wonderful rest of the week!!!


  1. Love the pink baseboard! So sweet, and the shutters are so lovely! Have a great week! xo Heather

  2. The pink base board is adorable, love this application. I just purchased a aqua cornice board...thinking about putting it above my office door.

    Thanks for visiting our blog,it means so much to us, I hope one day to visit/shop Junk Bonanza!

    Love your new Lollibags, so adorable!!

    xox Glad & Celia

  3. I'm so happy to know about your blog and shop! Thank you so much for leading me here by commenting on mine!!


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