Sunday, September 12, 2010

My firstborn is *20* today!

How can that be?  I'm not sure since I feel like I'm still 28.
But it must be true.

Josh was just a few weeks old here, I was only 18.
We grew up together.  He was my little buddy.

He was 1 here and always slept on top of his stuff animals. 
It cracks me up looking at this picture, because, now days they have all kinds of warnings about putting pillows and stuffed animals in your baby's crib.
I do look back and wonder how Josh survived with me as a mother.
When he was a newborn, I would make his bottle of formula before we went to bed and when he woke up I would just put him in my bed and give him his bottle.
So much wrong with this!
He was laying down, not burped, not changed, I used the SAME bottle ALL  night if there was any left!

My mom always met us at the park.  Josh was about 18 months.

Josh was superman for halloween.

Josh was 2 1/2 here.  I was married to hubby now at this point.
Josh had his own room, he kept it perfect.  Always lined up his trucks and toys and made his bed.
I don't know what happened?  He is not very neat now :)

Josh is 3 here, I am pregnant with his little brother.  Out fishing with dad.

Still in Minnesota here.  Lauren is 4, Josh is 9, and Nic is 6.

This picture is at the Oregon coast.  We had just spent 3 days driving, on our move to Oregon from Minnesota.  We stopped at the Dunes. 
From left:  Nic is 8, I'm holding Portia who is 6 months, Lauren is 6, Josh is 11 about to turn 12.

Josh is 12.  He rode his bike to school his first year in Oregon.  6th grade.  I don't think I stopped and realized how hard that must have been for him to move to a new state and start middle school, not knowing anyone.

Lauren , Nic and Josh down by the river.

Josh, Portia, Lauren and Nic in the pool.

Josh, fishing IN the river!

2008 family photo.

Josh's senior picture,  I could not have been more proud the day my son graduated from high school!
I wish I had more pictures of him.  He grew up so fast.
I love you Josh and am very proud of you!

Love, mom



  1. These pictures are just so precious! Thanks for posting them. I can't believe Josh is 20! So 20 years ago you were yanking my hair out! hahah Josh is a wonderful person, so responsible and kind. You are a great mom!

  2. What a beautiful post. Thanks for sharing all the great photos and memories.

    I had my first at 18 and made all the same "mistakes". I think we both did just fine as young mommies! :-)


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