Wednesday, September 29, 2010

America's Cheapest Family

So I was just watching the Today show.   They had America's Cheapest Family on.
The family has 5 kids, just like me, and they spend $350 a month on:
cleaning supplies

YIKES!  What is wrong with me?
We spend anywhere from $600- $1,000 a month on groceries.
NOT including cleaning and toiletries!

I need help!!!
I do clip coupons, but there is not a real good supply in the newspapers.
I do use to print more.
But you use so much printer ink, is it really worth it?
Printer ink is expensive!

I'll admit I'm not a planner.
I never know what I'm making for dinner till about 4 pm.
Maybe that is the key, I need to plan out a weeks menu at a time.
She plans out a monthly menu.  I don't know if I could do that.

What about you guys, if your willing, tell me how much you spend on groceries.
Does that include cleaning and toiletries?
Do you clip coupons?
What are your secrets to saving money on food?


  1. Oh Girl. This couponing thing is SO HARD> My BFF is amazing at it. But she explains the whole CVS, BOGO, Walgreens thing to me and she starts sounding like Charlie Brown's teacher and my eyes begin to glaze over. I have been trying and it take SO MUCH TIME. Not to be negative because I know the people who have it down, don't take so much time to prepare. But it takes me 2 hours to figure out a weekly meal (if I did monthly meals I would have nervous breakdown), coupons, and figuring out all the deals. I print them out online but only ones I use all the time. The bulk of them are are from the Sunday paper and buying several at a time. I still don't have the hang of it. But I take advantage of BOGO's and try to have coupons all the time. A friend of mine has a blog that has exploded called But some of this may not be relevant to stores near you. We have publix which is big here. I also use but again that is the south which is where I am. I am with you though. It takes time. Let me know what secrets you learn. :)

  2. it really works couponing I mean..just start slow and work at it..then start stock piling all the items you get on sale and pretty soon you won't be buying that much at a time...but it all takes time

  3. go to this site and click on the beginners tab it will help out a lot... she really helped me...have fun

  4. I just love your blog! Somehow I ended up over here in a round about way from Gussy's blog when she was talking about TCC. I just love your bags and could relate to you losing your Mom because I lost mine too. Anyways, thought I would say Hi! :) I ran a report and found out that we were broke because we were spending like $2000 on groceries!! Yikes! So, we are really trying to quit buying junk and eating out. I use the paper coupons, but I don't understand how to do the whole CVS/Walgreens stuff and all that. I wish I did!

  5. I hate that we spend approx $800 a month. If these kids would stop showing up for dinner all the time, stop bringing friends over, stop taking all the leftovers home with them....

    Well, if they stopped I would hate it so I guess we are looking at $800 a month.


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