Friday, June 3, 2011

New Lollibag's

I am aware it is Food Friday, however my life is not aware of it!  I have hardly cooked dinner at all this week, so I will spare you, unless you want to see me throw some unhealthy frozen chicken nuggets on a cookie sheet...

But I can share with you my two newest bags!  The first one is from vintage fabric, I have one other bag in this fabric, and it's mine all mine.  I am now out of this fabulous hot pink synthetic.

The flowers are made from blue yarn.  I do wonder what people from the 60's did with this fabric when it first came out, maybe a maxi skirt?

My next bag is from that fabric I told you about earlier this week.  I started to second guess myself, hoping the bag fabric wasn't "old ladyish".  But I really do love this bag.  I'm going to make more.  I put two handles on it and I think that is what I love so much.  The top of the strap is in a fun, bright, whimsical floral and the underside is in the old ladyish fabric....

I am so happy it is going to be SUNNY for the next week!!  Tomorrow is supposed to be 80!!!  Hopefully we can swim in the pool.  Our last swim, for sure.  We leave Oregon in 1 week and 6 days.

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  1. Prudy that first bag is AMAZING! I love them both but that first one is just so unique and pretty! I can't believe you guys are moving so soon!


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