Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Move part 2 Goodbye part 1

You can't move without saying goodbye can you?  The sun is out today and as I walked out back to see just how warm it was the realization hit me...............I have to say goodbye to all this.  And while we want to move and believe we are in God's will by moving... it does not make it easy.
And I am starting to count "my last's".

This is THE LAST time my hubby and son's will put out the irrigation.  Yes, yes, yes, we have had our fair share of arguments over farm work and how it's done, actually SEVERE arguments over this issue, but it is still a bittersweet last.

Goodbye small pasture, you are bumpy and full of ruts from the cows, but we faithfully irrigated you to keep you green and growing.

Goodbye beautiful view of the "hills".  I will miss you most.  In the soon to be 9 years we have lived in Oregon, I have never tired of these hills, it has never grown old or just....oh ya there are the hills again.  Nope I have thanked the Lord thousands of times for how beautiful they are.

Goodbye magnolia trees, I have enjoyed the huge saucer blossoms every year.  Although my children have not enjoyed picking up your leaves day after day.  I don't care, I love you!

Goodbye passion flower vine.  You faithfully came back every year from new shoots that started.  I finally had to make  up a huge trellis for you out of an old bedspring and an old barn gate.  I sure hope the new owners keep my set up!

Goodbye bush, I don't know what you are called but I love you too, you are my favorite, especially when your branches bloom with tiny yellow flowers!

Goodbye river rock path, that I painstakingly put in one rock at a time, while I was 8 months pregnant with Sophie!!  You are my favorite too.  That is why I planted you with steppables, my favorite plant!

Goodbye river rock.  We brought you up load after heavy load from the McKenzie river.  I wanted to do so much more with you, like build a river rock wall out front.......sigh, that is not to be.

Bittersweet from websters says:  2. both pleasant and painful or regretful: a bittersweet memory  5. pleasure mingled with pain.

I'd say that sums it up perfectly.


  1. Oh its hard to say goodbye! You have a beautiful home and property. I am eager to see where you going!

  2. Did you sell?! Love your river rock path is bittersweet to move!


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