Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mom's beauty products

Don't you love walking down memory lane, when you see a vintage ad for something you grew up watching your mom use? 
My mom always used Olay Beauty Fluid, it was pink in a glass bottle.  This is not it, but the closest picture I could find.

She also used a cold cream when I was really little, I think it was called Deep Magic.  It was a turquoise jar with waves on it.  I tried and tried to find a photo of this and I could not :(

But I ran across this, I guess they called it Flicker, my mom's was pink and white and I wanted to use it so bad!

Remember Tickle?

And Prell?

Mom always had Calgon in the bathroom too.

Instead of Calgon, my sister and I would get to use Mr. Bubble.

That makes me giggle, would we ever let our little girls use Mr. Bubble these days?

We washed our hair with Tame and then mom would put our pink sponge curlers in on Saturday night for church on Sunday!

When I was older, mom had a walk in closet in her bedroom, and every Saturday night, she would go into her closet and paint her toenails a fresh color.

Thanks for taking a walk with me, if you guys remember Deep Magic, let me know!  I would love to hear the products your mom used or her weekly "rituals".  I wonder what my girls will tell their little girls, their mom used.


  1. that was fun! I remember Tickle, and Prell? I think that's still around!

  2. Love this post! My mother always smelled like Jergen's Lotion and bleach. I still love both smells. Oh yeah, and she used Pond's Cold Cream on her face. I think it was $3 a jar.

    The pink sponge rollers? Every night she put our hair in them so tight, I was sure my eyes were going to pop out.

  3. My mom used and still uses the Merle Norman Cold Cream. And to this day it is one of my favorite smells. And we used Silkience shampoo and cream rinse. I remember that tickle deoderant, I wanted some so bad.
    I remember your mom and you using that lotion that used to have the rose on it, some cocoa butter stuff, it smelt so good. What was the name of that?

  4. U stumbled upon ur blog from 2shades of pink!!! love your bags.....I will most def be ordering I too love purses/bags lol it's hard to say NO to something u love lol

    ps I am not Hawaiian but Tongan but not very many people know what that is so Sure u can say Im Hawaiian lol I see ur from Oregon? I lived in Oregon, Tigard Or to be exact loved the green but not so much the rain

  5. I remember wanting hair like the "Breck" girl. ....and my mom using Vivienne Woodard perfume. Personally, i used "gee your hair smells terrific" daily as a teenager. Thanks for all the (similar) memories!

  6. What about Jean Natae, Love's Baby Soft and Sweet Honesty? My moved used Nivia when I got sun burned. "Sun In" for your hair. I loved that little Flicker razor. I was too young to shave, so I used my mom's electric razor and shaved my brother's legs instead! Oops. Prudy - this was an awesome post and a lot of fun!

  7. Free, I bought some sweet honesty for Lauren because it reminded me of my childhood, avon still has it.

  8. Thanks for all the fun reminders!! I can't believe I had forgotten about Mr. Bubble!!


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