Monday, March 15, 2010

Coastal Living and Country Living

Ok so I just received my Feb. issue of Coastal Living in the mail today!  The one with the adorable pink two tier umbrella!!  By the way that umbrella is from Santa Barbara Designs.  I haven't gone searching for the price, but I'll just add it to my list of wants but never gets...   The great lady at Coastal Living also sent me a free March issue too, Yippee!  I have alot of good reading to do today.

This is a blue umbrella from Santa Barbara Designs, isn't it lovely?

I was looking at my new Country Living last night, the April issue, and I came across Kayce Hughes.  Mother of 7 children, has her own clothing line.  Beautiful family.  She has a sweet yellow playhouse in her backyard for her kids.  I was saying to hubby, ha!  She did it!  She is a designer, has lots of kids, and her husband built her a playhouse.  Hubby just kinda , ya ya great, ok honey, you will....  I want to be called a designer, I have begged my hubby to build the girls a playhouse, and I have 5 kids...OH and they showed a picture of her kitchen with bird houses lined up on the wall, HELLO!!!!!  I have bird houses lined up on the fence in front of my house, could we be any more alike???
ok I'm know I'm not like her, just dreaming I am.. I read the article with longing, why can't that be me?  Hubby dutifully said, in monotone, it will be honey.  I said, wouldn't it be funny if I supported us on my Lollibag sales, ha ha... he said ya that would be great!  OH another similarity.... she collects seashells, SO DO I!  And her little girls room, same bed my daughter has!!

Honestly I want to be my own person and I am, I do not long to be like anyone else, ya right...  I really don't want to be envious, I just wonder, how do they do it?  If they can why can't I?  I wonder how do you get your foot in the door?  Well when I figure it out I'll let you know.

Oh, on a side note, Lauren grabbed a sheet the other day and started cutting, pinning, sewing, she has come up with a beautiful dress.  I am in awe that she had no pattern.  I'll post pictures when it's finished.  I am a very proud mama.

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  1. I LOVE that bed. The photo's a little small, would you take a picture of it in Lauren's room? Did you find it vintage or at a store. Really cute! I love my morning "magazine" from you - thank you!


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