Wednesday, March 3, 2010


OK, I'm just a mom of 5 living on a farm out in Oregon.  So YES this is exciting to me!  Coastal Living contacted ME, and said thank you for writing about us on your blog!! tee hee, I am all giggly..  And the nice lady sent me this photo, since I could not find it online. 

Here is the umbrella I was talking about, isn't it beautiful?  They are even sending me a February issue!  This has just made my day.  Now I can re-read that Florida Keys Vintage article and really dream up my vintage beach cottage.
Thanks Coastal Living!


  1. Prudy, that is really awesome! They found you!!!! That should make your day. Love your blog on Florida Keys Vintage, who knew there was a style to perfectly decribe you? Your beach cottage sounds divine! You'll get there one day, I'm sure. :)

  2. That umbrella is fabulous! Do you know where to find one like it?


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