Thursday, March 25, 2010


I am so glad that is over with!  Doc says see you in 5 years.  When they put the "narcotic" (as the nurse called it) in your IV, it is pure blissful sleep.  On a funny note I woke up to people farting in the recovery room. 

I heard a nurse tell the old man next to me, you can go home when you release some air.  He then let out a loud, long fart, and said, there I am ready to go home now.  Ha ha, it was pretty funny!

Sadly I heard the Dr. tell the older man on the end he will have to have surgery tomorrow because they found a pretty big tumor.  I am so thankful I am clear, but so sad someone else was not.

Getting ready for the event tomorrow night and all day Saturday, I'll post pictures when it's over!


  1. I loved your post on this , I'm terrified of having one but I'm going to have to 'bite the bullet' very soon! Thanks for making it sound so easy. I think you're amazing to have that done a few days before your big event too. x

  2. So glad to hear your good report. Saying a prayer for the older man.


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