Friday, March 12, 2010

More Memories and What I'm working on

Here is a front panel to a bag I'm making.

I'm done with this vintage tag Lollibag, I did not take very good pictures...

Here is the front of the third Lollibag I just made, I know not pretty pictures, but I was so excited to show you the new Walk Down Memory Lane photos I found!!!

Alot of you wrote in to tell me about the Pond's cold cream your mom used.

Did she ever use Pond's shampoo?

I myself had never heard of Pond's shampoo, but maybe some of you have.

I remember the Breck Girl.

What is your favorite time of life to remember?  Is it when you were under age 10 or middle school?  Or do you like to relive high school?  For some reason for me it is when I was really little... I remember eating Apple Jacks for breakfast and they came in this box...

And somtimes we had Trix...

But the food item that REALLY got me going was Swanson TV Dinners!  Remember those?  If we were good, it was a VERY special treat to get a Swanson TV dinner, and my mom would let us watch TV while we ate the TV dinner!

Maybe some of you were allowed to have a pop with your dinner, not us.. while this picture is newer than the TV dinner, it still bring back memories of my mom drinking Tab, because she was forever on a diet!  By the way remember the diet drink Alba77?  I remember my mom drinking that and taking Fiber Trim.

Not all of us were allowed to drink pop, but we did get a special toy at McDonalds.

I'm not sure what year this toy is but I do remember the yellow nuggets box.  After lunch you may have had to reapply your lipgloss.

Remember all the vintage Avon?  I loved it when my mom would get my sister and I things from Avon.  One of my fondest memories were the glace pins.

Did anyone have the pink cone or the poodle?

And who can forget Sweet Honesty?  And Babe!

I remember when Jordache jeans came out I wanted a pair soooooo bad!  A pair with a horse on the back pocket.  I never did get a pair.

Did you go into Walgreens to pick up some Charlie?

Or was it to replenish your Aqua Net?

When my mom bought Leggs, my sister and I got to keep the egg to play with.

Thanks for walking down memory lane again, I loved reading your comments on products you remember!  So  tell me again!


  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA...I had the biggest hair and aqua net was my hair BFF...The Legg Egg...I am dying over here...AND I HAD JORDACHE JEANS! Oh, that lovely dark wash that really dates those jeans. They try ot reproduce it now but you just know when you spot a pair of vintage jordache they are straight out of that decade. Oh, sweet memories. And yes. Mom used ponds. Sigh.

  2. Long Live the Aqua Net...the red can!!! Then it changed to the white can with pink lines!
    My dad would tease me about the film it left on the bathroom sink. Hahah and when the wind blew a whole portion of my hair would lift off my head and stand up straight!! Oh to have my 80's hair again for just one day!!!!!

  3. Oh wow! what a fun blog you have, I'm loving it and thanks for visiting me down here. Now I'm the one who's SO GLAD WE'VE MET! off to read some more....

  4. Prudence! I LOVED the Avon Ice Cream cone lip gloss! LOVED the little plastic animal lip glosses! WOW! I totally forgot about those!

    And I still sing the "Bring home the la la...fry it up in a la la...never let him forget he's a man...cause i'm a woman.." REmember that! That wasn't jordache, but from the same time, right? = ) FUNNY!I LOVE your last purse! You are really pumping them out and getting a following! GO GIRL!


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