Sunday, March 28, 2010


The event was OK.  I had a great time with Lauren on Friday night, we were silly.  I met some new friends.  I sat next to a nice gal.

The 6ft table was a lot smaller than I invisioned.

I did sell a few bags, but made no profit.  I think my bags were a little to country for the city gals.

Or should I say city guy.  He was the lone Mary Kay Man.  I admire a man who will do what he wants even if he is the only one!


  1. Hi Prudence ~

    I'm out "visiting" today! = ) Haven't been here for awhile and WOW! What GORGEOUS bags!

    "Small Beginnings"...remember that!

    I used to do Mary Kay...for a good 6 months! = )

    So good to see you!

  2. Hey Lady, It was nice meeting you on Saturday. Melissa LOVES her "vintage tag" bag which makes me happy; so thank you for letting me give her the gift of your creativity! (oh, and I wasn't kidding about getting together with us sometime. :)

    -Christa Allen

  3. Christa, your profile won't let me contact you. But nice meeting you two sisters... keep loving each other :)

  4. Why, that is because I am not a blogger but a facebooker, doll. :) I was dreaming of the pink/peachy ruffly bag and finding shoes to go with it yesterday. :)


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