Tuesday, March 9, 2010

What am I?

OK, so I know I am a mom and wife and a girl.  But what am I really?  What do my dreams and hearts desires make me?

When I was oh about 12 or 13 maybe I remember asking my dad, dad what is an entrepreneur?  He said it is someone who owns their own business.  At that precise moment, I KNEW that is what I wanted.  I wanted to own my own business.  My dad always owned his own company.  He is an electrician. 

Over the years I tried to sell many things because home sales were like owning your own business.  I have sold Avon, Tupperware, Mary Kay, Cookie Lee Jewelry, Avon again.  In the mid 90's when country crafts were hot I made my own wood crafts and sold them at a craft store. 

I am a beauty product fanatic too.  I love department store beauty counters!  I think that is why I loved selling Mary Kay.  But none of these things were my own, except the crafts, but that wasn't truly what I wanted to be doing.

If I could be a chemist and whip up my own line of skin care or makeup I would.  But I am not a chemist, or a really good cook.

My dream has always been to have my own store, a boutique, filled with my creations.  But then I would have to be there everyday and what about the kids and house and ironing and laundry and homework....  I wonder how Kate Spade started out?  I feel so at home at her website, it is so me, so bright and cheery yet simple, and ....oops I was going to say classy, and while Kate Spade is classy and classic, I'm not sure you could describe me that way....

How did she ever branch out into everything she has branched out into??  I almost wish I would not have gotten that laser eye surgery years ago, so I could buy a pair of Kate Spade glasses.  I want a Kate Spade party dress, to wear to the grocery store, I want this clutch...

to carry to the dentist.  I ... well I just would like to have a store like Kate Spade.   

I suppose I'm entering into my dream world again, where I live in that pastel cottage on the white sand beach and wear cotton sundresses with my blue surf converse everyday..  Then when I am done there I go to my Kate Spade like boutique and sell, sell, sell all day and I am classy and pretty, and have a crisp cotton dress on with red lipstick and smooth skin, sorry Kate but I will have to be wearing Louboutin shoes in this world...

When we were in Hawaii I went into Kate Spade

And I thought.... what could I get in here, surely not a $495 party dress, or a $500 handbag.  I went to the jewelry case and saw them... sorry no picture yet.... daisy earrings.  My mom's favorite flowers were daisy's.  So then I saw the price tag, only $55!  Hey not half bad for Kate Spade! I mean would hubby rather have me spend $55 on the earrings or $500 on a purse? 

  So that was my big splurge, the gold daisy earrings.  Not real gold, but still classy, a classic I can wear everyday.  They came in this cute little.... OH alright I'm going to go take a picture!!!

They came in this cute little round box.

And there they are, my daisy earrings.  So I ask what am I?  Well I think in addition to wife and mom, I am a business woman too.  I wonder how long it took Kate Spade to really take off?


  1. You won't be happy with me! My husband years ago bought me a Kate Spade bag! I took it back!!! I had no idea who Kate Spade was. At that time I had never heard of her!

  2. did you really? What did the bag look like?

  3. I love anything Kate too...it's updated preppy and so girly! And it's ok for a girl to dream...but my shoe addiction would have been revealed because I would have bought the shoes. Our lights would not have turned on and the phone would not work that month but I would have had hot shoes.

  4. We all ask ourself this question I think. I know I do. I wish I were Cath Kidston. I guess all we can do is keep following our passions and dreams. If its going to happen it will happen!

  5. Love the earrings!

    One of these days I will be saying I knew you when. No, seriously....

  6. LOVE Kate Spade too! the earrings are lovely! and your designs are darling...hang in there!- I just bet you'll be able to say someday "remember when I first started making handbags..." :)
    Many Blessings!

  7. So glad you came to this conclusion! Just KNOWING what God has called you to and owning it is the first step...and remember what the president of Amazon says, "Don't settle...find what is your PASSION and DO IT!"

    You've got it all Prudence...and you're just so darn CUTE to boot! = )


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