Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Grandpa's

I really needed to vacate the farm today, so I gathered up my little farm girl.....

and headed for Starbucks.  Wouldn't you know it, the grandpa's were there.  We said hi, and Sophie immediately grabbed a bag of cookies.  So of course they bought it for her.  I asked them if I could take their picture and they said yes.

Sophie is sitting with Lloyd, who always wears a hat, then to his right is Jim better know as "kid".  To his right is Howard or "taxi".  Last is another Jim or "razor".  All four are retired police officers.  They asked me to sit and chat for a little while.  Sophie plowed through her first bag of Lucy's peanut free cookies, so of course Lloyd bought her another pack, the first pack was bought by Taxi.

I learned a bit about their wives, Razor has been married for 53 years, Lloyd's wife died 9 years ago.  Kid is divorced.  I think Taxi said he is still married. 

After Starbucks, Sophie and I headed for Joann's Fabrics, I needed some pinking shears and a ruler to help me make straighter lines.  I remember my mom's pinking shears, the handles were black.  I don't know where they are now, I wish I had them. 
I bought a cheapy pair till I can afford a nice pair like my mom had.

I remember going to the fabric store with my mom when I was little, I think it helped create this illusion I had for a long time about women who sewed...  First off the old ladies who worked at that fabric store were always grumpy. and old.  and frumpy. 
I never wanted to "get into" sewing, because I thougt it meant I would be a plain ole ugly grumpy lady, who sat home sewing cheesy elastic waist pants all day.  Or that I would have to grow my hair long and wear it in a bun and wear NO makeup and wool plaid skirts every day, with comfortable, "smart" shoes.

I still see people like that at fabric stores and I still think fabric store workers are a bit grumpy, don't those  ladies like cutting fabric??

But one good memory I have is getting to look at the buttons.  When I was little I would love to look at the round racks of buttons, I loved it , the cute animal buttons, or ice cream cone buttons.  Just think if my mom would have bought those for me and saved them, they would be so fun to look at now!

So I got Sophie out of the cart and let her look at buttons.  Imagine from her eyes how wonderful those buttons look!

It is a sunny day here, it is amazing how your mood changes with the weather!
I'm going to go use my new ruler and see if I can cut a straight line.


  1. I like the grandpa's!! they are cute! My dad would be one of them if he lived by you!

  2. Yup, I do so love buttons! I have lots and lots of buttons from clothes I bought in a thrift shop and cut up for some project one day. Thanks for letting me tag along on your day out!

  3. I love the grandpa's, what a lovely group to have in your life.


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