Thursday, March 18, 2010

The UPS man is my friend

I will admit, it is really fun for me to shop online and wait for the UPS man to show up at my front door.  Why is this so exciting?  I don't know.  But this is not frivilous shopping, no, I NEED these things.

Yes I do feel a tad guilty that he has stopped here for 3 days in a row.  But I am trying to get my oldest son, Josh, back to work.  He works part time in the wee hours of the morning, unloading and loading boxes for UPS.  He has not been called in , in a looooong time.  So lets get shopping ladies!!

My first purchase were some shoes.  The next day I got my box from Lehman's.  I ordered a new dust pan, theirs are cute and farmy, not plastic so you can hang it up in your kitchen.  I also ordered some washing soda, for cleaning.  But the best thing in the Lehman's box was the soap!  I got Grandma's Lye soap

                           And Grandpa's Shea Butter Soap with lavender & vanilla.

They both smell so good!  They actually smell vintage.  I am a huge smell person.  I really love the lye soap, I haven't tried the shea butter soap yet.

Just today I received my box from Sephora.  Who loves Sephora???  ME!!!!

I had just read about Clinique's new product, Even Better CLINICAL dark spot corrector

So yes I do see this as a need because if I can get my skin looking great, that will be less makeup I wear, which means less money spent at Target.

I am also trying Murad's T-zone Pore Refinging gel.

Ok the guilt is really hitting me as this is not a need but a want.  I so want clear skin, my whole life I have had skin troubles, and I've tried everything.  Here is one more product to add to the list.    So I will let you know how I like these products. 

Also when I shop online I shop through Mr Rebates.  I go to mr rebates website and login and then I go to Sephora and click on that and I am linked to the Sephora website.  Sephora just had a special going of a 9% rebate.  So I will get a 9% rebate back on these items.  There is small print, you have to aquire $25 in rebates before you can get a check and they don't post your rebate till 3 months after purchase date.  BUT I must say I always shop through them and love it, have even gotten rebates on hotels.

It's another sunny day here in Oregon!


  1. I used Murads back in 99 when I was pregnant with Korinne, and my Skin completely Freaked Out! It worked very well. Enjoy all your new things!

  2. Is Lehman's not the best store ever? I could go broke!


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