Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coastal Living-you got me!!

I am finally taking the plunge and subscribing to Coastal Living.  I had to have the current issue because it said: Best Seaside Cottage Rentals.  So I had to see those! 

Then I dug up one of my favorite issues I've saved from Jan-Feb 2009 and saw this cottage again!  Photo is from here

They had a story on this cute little pink cottage, owned by Jane Coslick on Tybee Island.  Now I have never in my life desired to go to Georgia.  But I'm longing to go live in this cottage!

And to top it off I still have this wonderful issue with the pink umbrella....

So off I go to subscribe to Coastal Living!


  1. I definitely want to live in a cottage one day!!!

  2. magazines are great and when you savor them, they don't seem as expensive. {good rationalization? feel free to use it! lol}



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