Saturday, April 24, 2010

Before and After photos

Well I only got the hallway and 1/2 bath painted.  I am kicking myself, wondering why I painted the 1/2 bath limesickle, when it in NO WAY AT ALL goes with the floor, cabinets or counter???

Why didn't I do bavarian cream in there?  Well the reason I bought paint at all was because we had mold in the ceiling of that bathroom and just had it repaired.  So there was that big white patch.  So I really just needed to repaint the bathroom.  But it turned into painting the majority of the house.

Okay see the white patch on the ceiling?  Sorry, toilets never look pretty in a picture.

And here's the after... I really think I will repaint, someday, I am so sick of painting right now!

Before hallway, with Lauren taping for me..

By flowers

So long floral

After hallway, what a difference huh?
I had the walls filled with pictures, but I'm not sure how may I will put back up.  Well probably most of them, but I want all of them to be in black frames.

They were family pictures, a couple of my dad on Santa's lap when he was little, my parents on their wedding day.  My kids, you know....

This is the family room leading into the hallway, they are the same colors even though the front walls look

And here is my messy kitchen, I want to paint the same limesickle as the rest.  There are not many walls, but it is still not fun.  Lots of trim work and squeezing up above the cabinets by the fridge.  Why did we not extend those to the ceiling???

Lauren's room and my room will have to wait.  There is only so much painting I can do at one time. 

Now I have to clean my bathroom.


  1. hi prudence,

    i think you are doing a fabulous job. i really don't like painting at all, i just love the results. it's a mess, it's a drag, it's time consuming and tiring, and i make the biggest mess and never want to clean it up. hope that sharing helped.

    rock on! it looks great!


  2. This is so beautiful done !! i like it all !!

    Enjoy your work !! happy sunny sunday...hugs from me.........

  3. LOVERLY!!! cLeAN AND cRISP!!!! i LOVE THE Idea of all Black Frames for your pics.
    You go Girl your a few steps ahead of me. I am going to buy paint tomorrow. Have a Great Restful Sunday. Many Blessing Deborah


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