Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Little Lollibags

The sun is FINALLY out!  So I hopped Sophie over to the kitchen to be my model.  I had to put a clean shirt on her for this, she already had the first shirt of the day dirty....

Sophie is ready for shopping with her Little Lolli in green and pink floral fabric with white ruffles.

Little Lolli's are great for sitting around with friends over coffee.

Share some love....

Sophie's a real ham.

Here's Lyla's little Lolli.

I'm making more, what would you like to see?

OH MY!!!!!  I turned around when I was done posting this and this is what I saw!!  (why do I have stamp pads from 8 years ago???)

I just bought that shirt too, she is outgrowing all of her clothes so fast!  UGH!  Maybe my new Electrolux washer can get it out!!


  1. I love the lolli bag, but little Sophie steals the show. She is precious!!! Even her sad face--I really felt sad, too, when I saw that. Of course, I've been there (the camera side!) and don't feel too sorry for her either!

    Your lollibags are WONDERFUL!

  2. So darn cute! (Sophie and the bag!) Can you you really wash and dry a load in less than 30 minutes?

  3. Those are the sweetest little bags ever...I think I am still dreaming of one of your ruffled bags...sigh!!! Your sweetpea is face and all!!!!!

    Just want to thank you so much for your caring comment you left me the other day concerning my daughters migraines...I do believe diet can play a big big I am so carefully watching what she eats. I just can not thank you enough for taking the time to leave some thoughtful are a blessing. Hugs for a great day....Oh how I adore your lollibags...xoxoxoxo


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