Thursday, April 15, 2010

Staying Focused.....or not...or maybe yes

There's a random photo for ya...

I am feeling random, I was just organizing my pantry, I was doing the top shelf, standing on a bar stool.  I turned to get down and hit my head on the door frame not once,

or twice
but THREE times.  Now I have a headache.  And more piles of STUFF. 

I am feeling very confused today, the sun is out, and I want to be outside, but I have to much to do inside.

I went out running errands yesterday and forgot to bring my bags for goodwill.  Also went to the "expensive" grocery store for fruit for juicing, bought a gallon of milk too.  Milk fell off the bottom of the cart on the way to the car.

A nice young man....I feel to young to say, a nice young man... but a nice young man said... You dropped your milk.  I stared at the milk in his hand watching milk spurt out of the whole it aquired when it fell...

I said, uuh, it has a a whiny sort of way and just looked at him.  IDIOT.  I guess I was thinking that nice young man was my 19 yr old nice young man and would run back in and exchange it for me. 

I tossed it out, it wasn't their fault I dropped the milk and I didn't feel right asking them to exchange it.  And I was so angry that had happened, I was not going to get the girls unbuckled and back into the store.  See I was going to bring it home and salvage it , but then it was leaking all over my car, so I went back up and threw it out, with a trail of milk behind me.  Just in case you thought I left my girls in the car while I shopped, no I brought them in.

Why am I talking about that?  My boys rooms are stinky and messy and their bathroom is dirty.  My dining room is a sewing tornado land.  The play room is a cluttered mess.  My beds not made.. Every room is a disaster that needs to be picked up and cleaned.  Plus I went to put some letters in the mail this morning, drove right by goodwill, and I had forgot to bring the goodwill bags again!!

 I want to sit down and read.  But I can't read because I have little girl lollies to make for the show I'm doing in Portland in two weeks.

How do you stay on top of it all? 
Please tell me!

Oh and P.S.  my hubby says eating my healthy cookies are like eating turkey bacon instead of the real thing, and just to make sure I got it, this morning he said I should just cut circles out of computer printer paper and throw them in the cookie jar, they would taste the same.

Guess what hubby is getting for dinner?
NOTHING with healthy cookies for dessert.


  1. Holy Guacamole!! I am not laughing at you. I am laughing because I realize now I am not the only one living this life. Hope things are looking better. BTW....good dinner offering for your hubby!

  2. too cute.. sounds like my life...


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