Sunday, April 11, 2010

Vintage Beauty

So Portia just said, Mom, can we go look at your perfumes?  So we went and looked at all the perfumes and opened each rouge compact to look inside.  Why does that give me such a thrill?

Portia thought we should take pictures for the blog....

 I LOVE vintage beauty products, vintage makeup, vintage anything.  I collect vintage rouge compacts.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Ponds Cheeks.... isn't this adorable??

Tangee.  I wonder who owned these?  Did she wear those great vintage cotton dresses?  Was she a housewife?  Or did she work at a beauty shop?

I love when I find the advertising still inside in great shape, or the rouge is brand new!

Like this one.

And why were the colors so bright?  Didn't they have any neutral tones back then?  Did these colors look good on everyone?

This one is my favorite, it is brand new and look at that pink advertisement!!  I love it!

My mother-in-law used to work in a department store in the beauty section selling perfume.  For Christmas and birthdays I always got department store perfumes and lotions and gift with purchases.  I loved it!  And she started giving me mini perfumes all the time.  I still have every single one. 

Here are some in the vintage cabinet I have in my bathroom, where I keep the vintage compacts.

And these are in my mom's old corner cabinet in my bedroom.  Portia is waiting for me to sit down with her and look at vintage Avon catalogs from the 70's.  I have two of them, they are so fun because I actually remember seeing my mom use some of the products.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. SO FUN, Prudence! I LOVE perfume bottles, too. Just SO feminine!


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