Saturday, April 17, 2010

A little glimpse of my farm

You may not think "vintage farm house" when you see the front of my house.....but there it is!  I guess it would be called a "ranch" style house?  Built in 1972.  If you look to the right of the picture, you see the chimney on the roof.  That chimey used to be outside, we added on to the house when found out we were expecting our 5th child.

Portia said take a picture of us in the tree mom!!

This little area is by my garage and driveway to the left of the house.  Just yesterday it was knee high with weeds.  The peony and irish moss and vine were there buried in weeds.  Portia helped me clean it up and we planted some flowers today.

The old green metal bucket had no bottom,so we filled it with dirt and put a flower in.

Lilac is blooming!

I never get tired of this view.  The sheep are grazing and you can see our Christmas trees.  They don't look very big , but some are over 10ft. tall.

We emptied the wagon dirt from two years ago.  I didn't buy any flowers last year, the budget was pretty tight.  So the wagon should look good this year.

Portia and I planted some steppables.  Steppables are my all time favorite thing to buy!  Also some allysum.  I put the river rock path in when I was 8 months pregnant with Sophie.  I plopped my butt down on the ground and dug a place for each rock.

I planted 6 sweet peas along my old metal fences.  I envision them twirling all along my pasture fence, but we'll see.

This is my favorite bird house, I bought it for $20 at a garden art garage sale a couple years ago.

Today I found this little white rake at a thrift shop for only $3.95!

This bird house also came from the garden art garage sale.

So hubby finally put the birdhouses back out, screwed them to the fence.  I put a protective coat on  them, so they could stay out in the rain this winter, as my hubby and sons HATE taking them down and putting them out again.  This fence is to the right of my house towards the road. 

I had a couple bike riders stop a couple years ago and ask if they could take pictures of the bird houses.  He wanted some design ideas for building them.  Funny huh?

Later in the summer I'll take some more pictures and show you how the flowers are growing.

Lasagna is in the oven and I'm off to make hot fudge cake for dessert!


  1. I love the birdhouses! beautiful home and looks peaceful!!

  2. What a beautiful home you have!! and i like all the bridhouses !!............enjoy your day !!

    And hot fudge cake for sounds yummie yummie !!

    Hugs from me Ria

  3. I love your house! And a green thumb? Yikes! I kill all things pretty. Seriously. It is like the Curse of the Black Thumb. And flowers make me so, so, so happy but they all tremble with fear as I pass. They wonder, will she over-water me today or forget? Will she place me in the blazing sun when I clearly need part shade? I frighten them. And bird houses...I would collect them if seagulls has not attacked my Cati at the beach last year and tried stealing her sandwich. True story. She screams when they get low out back. My comment is rather depressing, is it not?

  4. This was such a nice post to read. I love those birdhouses and your property. Big Farm Fan and I will return. Have a great day.
    New Blog

  5. What a beautiful house! I totally think vintage when I see a cute ranch like that! It was built the year I was born, so it really is kinda old.

  6. It is SO nice to meet you!!

    What a beautiful home you have! Heaven on earth. I'm so happy for you.



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