Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sheep are Sheared

There's our little black sheep after he was sheared.  He is sooooooooo cute!

And here's the little white one, you know the girls name all the cows and sheep and goats, but I just don't remember the names anymore.  I used to know every one.  The sheep started out as Scratch and Sniff, and then changed to Jamal and Jemima, and now I think they have new names again!

The very first cow we had was named Julio, a black and white cow that reminded my hubby of the horse he had when he was young.  His dad lived on a ranch in Hawaii for a little while.
That was a sad day when Julio went on a field trip and came back in the freezer.  

 And then we got Big Bertha, she was the biggest, meanest cow on earth!  She would jump any fence, no matter how high, if she knew she was getting an injection!  And she was MEAN!   And ORNRY! 

Finally hubby said I gotta get rid of her, she's dangerous.  So he took her to the auction.  After she sold, he talked to the cattle rancher who bought her.  The rancher said, you know why I bought her?  Hubby said no, why?  And rancher said, cuz I looked in her eyes and knew she was the nicest animal.... Funny huh?  that is true!  I cracked up when hubby told me that!

Sophie helped daddy out on the farm this morning.

This is what came off the sheep.  The sheep shearer said it is worthless, cuz it's so dirty.  Yes I did think maybe I should learn how to spin yarn.

One of the cows.  Who knows her name probably Mocha, or Latte, I tend to name them after coffees.

These are old street sweepers.  When the city gets rid of them, you can buy them for cheap.  And the cows love to scratch on them.  It saves you alot of fence repair.

Happy Thursday!


  1. What a lovely little sweet cheaps !! and cows

    And so sweet your little Sophie!!

    It's springtime on the farm...............yeah !!!

    Have a great weekend all of you !!

    Hugs from me Ria

  2. Prudy... next time give the sheep a bath with Woolite, you know what you wash your fine washables with. That is what all the 4H'ers wash their sheep with for showing at the fair, and it works. Hose them down shampoo in the Woolite and rinse. (rinse, lather, rinse, repeat if needed) One of my sister had a sheep and showed it at the Sherburne county fair. I had a pig, Percila.


  3. Aw, man! I need some animals on this wanna-be farm I'm on! Yours are so cutesty-tutesy!!

    And I think you asked me about the chippy ladder thing on my wall...I found it at a yard sale nearly 8 years ago. I think it's actually part of an old porch railing. My dad thought I was nutso when I asked him to screw it to the wall. ;)

  4. So interesting and I love your photos.


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