Friday, April 23, 2010

I am painting


I am painting the hallway , over my flowers.  I loved my flowers but it has been that awful gold background for 7 years.  (see photo under "home" label and post)

Next I'm painting the 1/2 bath

After that I'm painting Lauren's room

Then I am painting the kitchen

And last I would like to paint my bedroom

I love to watch Real Housewives of New York, and on there Ramona keeps talking about renewing herself. 
She got a new haircut
She's renewing her vows
I think she's not as wierd as last season, but maybe not....
She says everythings new in my life!

I want that, I want a fresh start.  We don't have to keep living in the past do we?  It's better not to.
I have some health issues that have been nagging at me for years, and I finally went to a specialist today!

I feel good that I am hopefully going to get some answers, another fresh start.

I've been going out doing event's all by myself, something I've always been afraid to do, fresh start.

We've lived on the farm for 7 years, the longest I've ever lived in one house during my married life.

I think 7 years with the same decor means it is time for change.
After all I am not the same person I was when I moved here. 

Actually I've had every room in the house many different colors, but this will be the first time I will have a majority of the house one color and it is......................

limesickle by Benjamin Moore.

My family room and dining room are already that color and I love it.  So I'm just bringing it all around.

I would like to do Bavarian Cream in my bedroom, it looked so CREAMY and yummy, like heavy cream or 1/2 and 1/2.

Lauren picked sea foam for her room.

I'll post pictures when were all done!


  1. oh that Ramona!! Lol I wish a new haircut really did all that to a person! Renewing her relationship with Mario too!
    well good for you! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. How exciting! I love fresh paint.

  3. We must be on the same wavelength. I have been working on a new color palette for my hometoo. and Daughters room. All my rooms are different colors too! And I am going to go with one color. Then get the bang effect with accents. I also have been having some health problems sooo went to Dr. finally, I have sleep apnea. No wonder I am exhausted all the time, thought its was I had to much on my plate. Tonight is the final study at the hospital and then everyone says I will feel amazing. Seems when your a busy mom and taking care of everyone eles, you forget to make time to take care of yourself. Take Care of You. I'll say a prayer that you too will receive help and answers for you health issues. I was forgetful, and never rested and that was my normal. Hopeful & trusting God for a new start and a new normal. Many Blessings, Deborah Happy Painting!!!

  4. I wish you luck with all the painting !!! how exciting !!! I'm curious to the final result..............have a happy weekend enjoy !! hugs from Ria

  5. you go, girl! looking forward to pics!



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