Sunday, April 3, 2011

Target deals what I hate about Target

I really do HEART Target and I am starting to learn the coupon ropes.
I'm not up to top secret special forces level, but I'm getting there.

Listen closely girls, today at Target I spotted quite on accident the Annie's Macaroni and Cheese sale of the century!  It is only $1 a box! Then I saw the Annie's canned Cheese Ravioli for only $1 a can!

What a deal, what a deal, if you guys have purchased Annie's at any point in your life, you know what a deal that was!  I literally cleaned the shelves.  I bought a total of 40 boxes and cans of Annie's!

Another thing I love at Target is their "buy 2 items get a $5 gift card" deals.
Every time I go, I shop these deals and there is always a coupon for those items in the paper or online to be printed. has great online coupons you can print.

Also at you can print a Neutrogena coupon for $1 off and at the store the Neutrogena natural line?  Have you seen the new line?  If you buy a cleanser you get a lip balm free!  Plus I had the coupon.
Plus I used my $6 coupon from the pharmacy mishap last week, so I saved a total of $65.64 in coupons at Target today!

Now what I HATE about Target.  They are becoming more like Walmart every week.  The workers at Target could care less about customers.  I always, always go to Target on Sunday morning, and it NEVER EVER FAILS, they are redoing or restocking shelves in the toiletries/makeup/pharmacy section.
And they are rude, rude, rude.
  They have their big red carts full of product blocking all the aisles , there is LITERALLY no way in or out, and if you need something down one of those aisles, your screwed.

Today however, one Target worker said can I help you find something?  In the midst of the chaos of red product carts and about as many workers, I said  "A clear pathway would be nice".

  I didn't get much response.  I had to push my cart down an aisle that had a two tiered red stocking cart with a huge garbage bag hanging off the top pole, filled.  My cart pushed the garbage bag out of the way, I'm lucky it didn't hit me in the face.  Two workers in the aisle I was trying to access, didn't bat an eye, didn't turn to look, didn't move to help.  So I manuevered around one worker on the right, only to be met by another worker on the left and behind her was another stocking cart, so the end of the aisle was completely blocked.  I needed something in the blocked area.. I sat there for about 5 seconds, worker bee did not look, move, nothing. 
I finally said "could you please move your cart?"  She did so without looking at me, without a word.
Like I was the one bothering her.  There was no, Oh I'm sorry, let me help you... nothing.

Let me tell you something Target worker, without customers, there are no shelves to stock!
And your out of a job.
Target, get it together!

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  1. Totally true true true=) sister is so good at coupons, I try my best...I do love my target, but I think you are right!!!


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