Friday, April 8, 2011

Food Friday~Larabar

I am obsessed with Larabar's.
I am obsessed with Apple Pie Larabar dipped in almond butter.

Here are the ingredients in an Apple Pie Larabar:
unsweetened apples

Do you see why I am so excited?
It's actually good for you!

I think I started dipping them in almond butter because I am also obsessed with almond butter.
Wouldn't you be too, if you haven't had peanut butter for over a year?
And you can  never have it again because your baby girl is allergic?
So when Sophie was cleared on tree nuts on Monday, oh boy, that's all I can say.

I've been gorging myself on almond butter.
Almond butter plain.
Almond butter on stuff, food, any food.
I even dripped almond butter on the Larabar wrapper, and I knew it was obsessive but I licked the wrapper clean.

I'm not even an apple pie girl, except if it's real apple pie, ya know?
I don't get into apple pie flavor things.

But this Larabar is da bomb.

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