Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Jess Bag

OK, it really is a Lollibag.  But just this once, I will call it by another name.  Only because...........I have been trying to make these flowers that two shades of pink Jessica makes.  The problem is hers are fluffy and chiffony, because they are chiffon................ I don't have any chiffon.

So I was trying to follow her tutorial from the Mothers Day corsage flowers but it wasn't working with cotton.  And bless your heart Jessica, because those flowers really are a labor of love, as you say.  You really worked your heart out on those wreaths!

I used some scraps of Amy Butler fabric I had, and a yellow cotton bow that came off of a vintage dress.

Inside is that vintage white cotton I found the other day, thrifting.  When I ironed it, it smelled so good!  The Jess Bag has one pocket inside.  The strap is extra long so you can wear it across your body.

I'm not sure how this flower is going to wash up but, I guess we'll see!  The Jess Bag will be for sale at the bliss handmade show.  I am featured on the bliss blog today so go check it out!

So what do you think?  Do you like my new bag?

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  1. I am totally refraining from chic screaming! You named this bag after ME???????? It is beautiful and you are totally amazing! But guess what? I have GOOD NEWS! Working with chiffon is different then cotton...definitely! While I was making the napkin rings, I discovered a much easier and more structured way to create these flowers. I will email you a step by step and see if it will work better for you!
    I am still so tickled. :)


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