Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Vintage Memory

So I sat down to sew a new bag... the lining of this bag is vintage white cotton.  When it is time to iron out the seams, I take a deep breath and breathe in the smell of vintage linens.  What is it about old linens that smell so good?  Am I alone in this?  I remember my mom's bed sheets, old 100% pure cotton.  The had a certain scent.  It smelled like home.  It meant safety.  As I stand there ironing memories flood my brain...
I am on my second marriage, my first marriage was 5 days before I turned 19, it was a "have to" marriage.  Anyways it was abusive.  My parents welcomed me back when I left him.  And I remember climbing into the guest room bed, into those clean, pressed, vintage cotton sheets... they had that smell, the home smell.  I lay down on the pillow case and breathed it in and cried, I felt so safe snuggled up in my mom's sheets.  The nausea you get when your extremely stressed?  That instantly went away the moment I smelled the sheets...
Years  later after my mom passed away, my sister and I divided up my mom's linens.  I have had them for...well, for 13 years now, she died in 1996.  They still smell the same way, when I grab them off the shelf and crumple them up under my nose, I cry thinking of her.
They don't make sheets like that anymore, I hunt for them at estate sales.  I hope my girls have good memories like my vintage linen memories of my mom :)  Happy sniffing.
I am posting a picture of the Lollibag I made today, along with the barbie dress Portia designed.  I have to take a moment to tell you that Lauren is teaching Portia how to use a sewing machine, it is really quite sweet and loving to watch and listen to them.  Here are the photo's.

Barbie has her political pin on.
Portia sewing Barbie undies.


  1. I almost bought a canvas bag at the thrift store today with the thought to add pretty ruffles on it because I am so enamoured of yours.... but I didn't. Perhaps I will go back and snag it tomorrow.

    What a beautiful story, even in its bittersweetness.

  2. I must, must, must have one of your bags. I scrolled through your Etsy site and you are blessed with skills girl! This one is just darling too.
    And your story.
    Oh how I understand the small things we identify with home. For me it was the way the carpet felt under my feet, the familiar creak in a certain section of the hallway and the softness of towels in the bathroom. We lived near the woods and the sounds of crickets always seemed louder before the start of school. So weird how your post made these things come back when I have not thought of them in years. Eloquent post my dear.

  3. OH my goodness, thank you, girls. I am thinking this blog thing has way more for me than just selling bags, what a wonderful discovery!

  4. Hi PRUDENCE!!

    It is ROlane from The Vintage Barn!! I HAD to visit your great site and say I LOVE your Bags! My 6 year old and I make and sell clips and headbands!! I love family crafting. You inspire me. Please sell your bags at our show!! Next one is July 10th!! And guess what my daughter picked your lucky number and you have won our giveaway!!I need your address to send you out some goodies!!

  5. What a beauitful story, I can just imagine you laying down in the guest room, smelling the sheets and feeling safe once again. It brought tears to my eyes. I know your girls will have many wonderful memories of you, I'm impressed the sheets still smell like home after 13 years - wonderful! Tell me about your daughter's sewing machine, it looks great!


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