Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Needs to become Vintage....FAST!

Okay, I have had a not so good year.  Everything you can imagine has gone wrong.  We even had a cat burglar.  Yes, a cat broke into our house in the middle of the night!  The skylight in the kitchen was left open one night and the cat fell through the screen.  It was so scared it ran up the walls, onto shelves and through the house, breaking things as it went.  We, my husband, me and my sons, all in our p.j.'s and half asleep, finally got it out the patio door!
The septic went kaput, relationships failed, new business ventures didn't turn out,  I could go on and on...  but one of my new year's resolutions is to be more positive.  So I will say that in light of a bad year....

We are healthy
My children are alive
We have been able to pay our bills every month
I'm slowly getting new sales on etsy
I stood up for myself this year in, when others tried to control me!!!!
I have learned the art of being frugal
I am praying more
I am learning to forgive
Our fridge is stocked full of food
I have a car that takes me where I want to go

This year, 2010, I want to....
Forgive even more freely
Spend more time with my kids
Respect my husband more
Be thankful for the little things.... like, a running washing machine, or that I have a hot shower, hey.. how about that I can see and hear and walk!
I want to have more compassion.


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