Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Vintage Shopping Trip

Today I took my 3 girls out to antique stores. They like to look for vintage buttons, fabrics, and patterns. I have taught them well, and I can tell they are listening! Here is what we found.

I bought 6 vintage I Love Ice Cream pins, a vintage powder box and a vintage charm bracelet of the Hawaiian Islands.  My husband was born and raised in Hawaii, so I love vintage Hawaiian stuff!

Portia, my 7 yr old, bought these vintage yellow and green buttons, the vintage brown fabric you see in the background.  She is planning on making barbie clothes with the fabric and buttons.

Portia also found the political button from the 1950's.  Cute, the things little girls want to buy!  I like the 1940's Red Cross pin.
Lauren found this vintage pattern and plans on making the bottom right dress.  She told her grandpa at lunch that she plans on making 5 dresses before he comes for a visit next!

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